The title of this column is a quote from the Bible. (Across the State of Maine liberals are fainting with horror. “There has been a disturbance in the Force,” they cry.) No, it’s just the Apostle Paul berating the Romans who abandoned the worship of God for the worship of man, birds, four footed animals, and creeping things. I’m sure none of us know any liberals that would do that, right? (sarcasm alert) Historians agree that the debauchery so prevalent in both secular and Christian Roman society, that Paul railed against, would be the single largest contributing factor to the decay and fall of the greatest empire the world has ever known.

We have been assured by elitists that a modern society such as ours is immune to such short sightedness. Recent speeches from noted Democrats would cause one to wonder. Remember, wisdom is the ability to view history, and learn from it’s mistakes. The glaring evidence points to the fact that Democrats’ only connection to history is the blind zealous desire to replicate its folly.

For years Democrats have touted their leftist environmental laws as necessary to protect the pristine natural beauty of Maine. We’ve been assured that if we except the menagerie of tax-funded environmental initiatives that, in return, we would see the preservation of Maine’s gorgeous landscape for generations to come. Environmentalists long have demanded that they alone be entrusted with the sacred duty of safeguarding Maine’s natural treasures from the erosive influence of the “human footprint”. Their self validated qualification for this responsibility is a possession of a keener understanding of the ways of nature.

Now, we are presented with the necessity of green energy. It is inevitable we are told. We have to keep up with new horizons. It is progress after all. So slowly but surely wind mills are popping up all over our “pristine” Maine landscape.

Naturalists want us all to breathe a sigh of relief that the regulatory restrictions they imposed to chase business out of Maine have liberated us from all those cumbersome jobs. In its place is …. wind energy, otherwise known as, liberals in debate. Governor Baldacci has promised it has the “potential” to produce jobs by 2030. I’m just thankful Mainers are patient enough to wait until 2030 for a job. (yeah, another sarcasm alert.)

It’s fitting that the Environmentalist answer to job creation and the protection of nature is a giant behemoth glaring white, slap you in the face brilliant white, did I say bright white, wind mill. Lots of them dotting the Maine landscape and coastline. We know all those Maine businesses were awful terrible job providing establishments, but at least they were at building structure height within town limits. What the environmentalists give us is so huge it needs blinking lights to keep small aircraft from flying into it. Try to blend that into the fall foliage. If environmentalist are one thing consistent, they are hypocrites. This is the environmental protection they promised for our tax dollars; a landscape covered with large “pristine” white windmills.

Let’s go a little farther south to where Governor Patrick is trying to stop the exodus of Massachusetts citizens by …. imposing new taxes. Can’t you hear the squeal of tires on I-93 north as families are turning around now that they can have a candy tax too? Or maybe it’s the cars accelerating.

The Democrats in Massachusetts are also planning to reintroduce a bill to give illegal immigrants free in state college tuition. Now that’s an inventive way to tap into the angst among the citizens. No wonder the population in Massachusetts has dwindled so much in the past 40 years that the State has lost four House seats.

Last but certainly not least, we have our President. In his mind numbing 70 minute State of Himself speech, the President rebuked the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the voting citizens for his inept lack of focus in the past year. He blamed all the problems of the country on George W. Bush and the lost decade. Wait!! What the.. What?!! He lost a decade, too!! President Obama, you have exponentially increased the federal deficit, caused unemployment to spiral out of control, given up on Middle East peace because it’s “too hard”, and now, on top of that, you’ve lost a decade to boot.

Mr. President, we can forgive a lot, but decades are pretty important to us. We demand you appoint a Decade Czar and find that poor little lost decade.


  1. You wrote:
    ” This is the environmental protection they promised for our tax dollars; a landscape covered with large “pristine” white windmills.”

    You’re right, it’s the worst of hypocrisy coming out of the eco-yuppies. I can’t belive I’m having to fight NRCM, Sierra Club, CLF and the rest of the rats’ nest of greendom in Maine to keep the waters offshore Monhegan from getting bladed. Just me and a couple lobstermen, and folks who making a great living feeding and sheltering tourists who come to Monhegan to stare and smell and listen to untrammeled nature. All the greenies are running jumping into the arms of Angus and the Windrushers.

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