Yes, once again, the Democratic Party is dragging out its tired, worn out catch phrases for this election.  Perhaps they think we really believe them?  Even this hard-boiled Conservative can’t bring himself to say that those of the Democratic leadership are that stupid.  No, I think the reason for the cyclical bi-annual reflux of the mind numbing liberal socialist prattle that has all the substantive merit of a water vapor in the Sonoma Desert is simply this… it’s all they got!

For years the Democratic Party has capitalized on loyal voters who voted for the (D) on the ballot still hoping that their vote was still for the Party of the workingman.  This past year and a half has been shaking Democratic voters to a slow realization that this Party is not the Party their Grandfathers voted for.  The Party of the working class is now the Party of the trust-fund elites and Chicago style corruption.  These voters are finally facing the hard cold facts that their party functions off creating a crisis rather creating a solution.  Hard working Maine Democrats have had enough and are jumping ship.  The socialist rehash won’t work in 2010, but just for chuckles, let’s go over them, shall we?

Catch Phrase Number One: We are doing this for the children.

Yeah, I thought I’d start with the biggest lie of all.  Has it ever bothered you that the Party of Liberal Slogans thinks they know what’s best for your children better than you, the actual “I birthed these kids and have a sane grasp on reality” parent?  Socialist never try to answer why their policies have accelerated the school dropout rate of our children.  They are perplexed to why more and more children become permanently mired in the Maine welfare system.  The Dems have blocked the passage of  “Jessica’s Law” at every turn.  The law would protect children from pedophiles.  The Democrats seem at a loss why all of our children, who want to carve a future for themselves, are leaving the State of Maine to look to acquire wealth elsewhere.

When the Party of Unending Debt is asked for solutions, they answer with “we need more Government”.  When asked how we intend to pay for more Government, the Party of Pass the Buck smiles to calm the peasants fears and says, “Don’t worry, the children will pay for it”.  As parents, we are confused.  Silly us, we thought our job description entailed working for our children’s future not working off our children’s future.  Thanks for the clarification, Democratic Party.  The catch phrase should read “We are doing this for the children to pay through the nose for our ineptitude”.

Catch Phrase Number Two; We are doing this for our environment.

This is as big a lie as the first, but less heinous since it does not involve the exploitation of children.  In Arizona, the wildfires could not be contained because environmentalists and Democrats outlawed control burns and control cuts.  With an overabundance of dry brush and no access to cut off the fires, the wildfires raged out of control doing untold damage to the eco-system and property.  In Louisiana, an oil spill has pumped into the waters unchecked because enviro-Democrats would not allow drilling in shallow waters, therefore, forcing the much more dangerous deep water drill in 5,000 feet of surging ocean water.  In Maine, every year our bug infestation grows worse.  We play Russian roulette with our forest hoping this is not the year we lose an entire eco-system to some ravenous bug.  Why?  Environmentalists will not let us spray to stop the spread of these precious bugs.  Need I say more!

Catch Phrase Number Three: We Love America, too.

Really?  Than stop insulting my beloved Country every chance you get all over the world.  Can somebody please tell Mr. Joe Biden that Brussels, Belgium is not the seat of Democracy?  The best description of Brussels I’ve heard is a city that the Germans drive through on their way to try and conquer the world.  Hillary, Hillary, just stop, please stop!  Nobody wants to be Brazil… not even you, Mrs. Clinton.

Catch Phrase Number Four: We are for the little guy.

Well, not if you are a small business.  They detest those little guys.  With programs like LeadDumb, I mean, LeadSmart, the Democratic Party has insured that only large business can survive.  If you can’t pay big city contractors, than the Democratic Party says you can’t renovate your home.  They have no Constitutional right to dictate to the consumer who can and cannot afford to have repairs.  That should be the consumer’s choice.  Remember, all those regulations, trust-fund elites just buy exemptions from those.  Are you sure you want to vote Democrat?

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