“________” ERS?

“________” ERS?


This past Thursday, The Maine Conservative Voice was invited to attend a “Capital for a Day” town hall style meeting of the Governor, Commissioners and the people of Piscataquis County.  My wife and I had the honor of sitting with my good friend Jason Savage, of Maine People Before Politics, alongside First Lady of Maine, Ann LePage.  The meeting was well attended.  The Center Theater was at least three-quarters full with a small contingent from the “I’m Just A Number”ers in attendance.  The night was filled with lively debate that stayed for the most part respectful.  It was disappointing to see the Chairman for the Democrat Party show up with a t-shirt bearing the insignia of the “Maine People Are Just A Percentage Point”ers but it just gives evidence to my assertion that Democrats view people as just mere statistics.

We left the meeting feeling greatly encouraged that the Governor has not wavered in his resolve to turn Maine’s spend thrifty governing style of the past 40 years into one of a frugal live within your means style that is more befitting to the Maine he represents.  It was impressive, to say the least, watching Governor LePage and State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin work seamlessly in tandem to deal with the several questions raised from the audience.  The Governor would present the broader goal with his perhaps brusque mannerism while the Treasurer would fill in the finer details with their fiscal impact in very precise terms for the people of Piscataquis County to hear.  It was this one-two punch that quickly silenced the protests from the “I Have No Identity”ers.

As was stated earlier, my wife and I had the privilege of spending time with First Lady LePage during the evening and this only reinforced what so many of us have come to see in her.  Maine is immeasurably blessed to have Ann LePage as our First Lady.  My wife, who still at times is uncomfortable going to all the political functions that we must, felt instantly at ease as Mrs. LePage talked with her about family, the evening and the issues that face our great State.  As we talked about the behavior of the “You Are Just A Statistic”ers towards her husband, the First Lady made an observation that I thought very insightful.  (It should be noted here that the First Lady never referenced the protesters with anything but respect in the conversations I had with her.  The tongue-in-cheek sarcasm is the work of the one and only Andy Torment.)  Ann LePage observed that the protesters always started out loud but quickly quieted when the facts were presented.  The Governor has nothing to hide, she stated, and it is hard to argue with facts.

Finally, yes, I am mocking the protesters.  Not because they are protesting.  That is a civil liberty protected by the Constitution.  I just can’t comprehend an organization that would so blatantly relegate the voting public to a number.  I am an individual.  I am not a number.  I am not a percentage point.  My name is Andy Torbett.  I will not relinquish my identity to any organization that I belong to.  I detest any institution that views humanity as percentage points.  My principles and beliefs are not to be ignored and I get angry when they are.  A heavy dose of independence has been past down through my Scotch and Irish bloodline.  So don’t fence me in.  I really don’t like it.  I am not a number.

6 comments on ““________” ERS?

  1. That attitude you mention–I am just a number …or percentage point–is terribly cynical! If ever there were a governor who kept in mind THE REAL PEOPLE who are the voters it is Paul LePage! His warmth and humaness is what his supporters and grass roots volunteers love about him. Mrs. LePage is a doll–they are a wonderful couple.
    Rose Marie Russell

  2. Rose Marie, I certainly appreciate your loyalty to the Maine’s First Family. I just really wish you had read my column more carefully, if you read it at all. I thought I was very clear in my support for Governor LePage and also very open with my admiration for Ann LePage. I would suggest you carefully and thoughtfully read my column. You may want to retract your comments.

  3. Andy, I couldn’t seem to get this reply space open to answer you so I wrote Sara.I hope you will be able to retrieve it because I think I didn’t make myself clear that I was in total agreement with you.

  4. I’m still a little in the dark. But I was surprised at your first message. It didn’t follow you usual opinions so i thought I would be cautious in my rebuttal as to not insult you. Maybe you could enlighten us some more. Thanks

  5. Andy, I was in total agreement with you!
    I gather I did not get your “tongue-in-cheek” remarks about the protesters who think of themselves as “just a number” or “just a statistic”. Or are you saying that is the way the Dems THINK about Maine voters?
    I attended Paul’s first townhall meeting in Westbrook and saw as you did Paul’s,and his crew’s, use of the facts.
    People who hate him think he flies by the seat of his pants! I think they are grudgingly surprised when he shows that he knows what he is talking about!

  6. Correct on Both counts, Rose Marie. I was mocking the percenters and I think the Dems view voters as numbers. Why else would they so quickly embrace an organization with such a demeaning reason for existence.

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