About MCV

This site was established to promote and awaken Conservatism in the state of Maine.  We at MCV believe that the conservative movement is not dead in Maine, but merely suffering from a heavy dose of apathy.  MCV is striving, with a unique perspective laced occasionally with humor and sarcasm, to awaken Maine Conservatives again.  Conservatism is the only hope for our state and country.

MCV believes in Reagan Conservatism.  We believe in minimizing government, not the people.  We agree with Ronald Reagan that government cannot fix the problem because government is the problem.

MCV also acknowledges that the state of Maine has been the proverbial “lab rat” for liberal/socialist policies for years now.  Many liberal think tanks across the United States view our state as a political culture dish for the germination of socialist ideas.  Because of the ease and speed in which liberal policies are passed into law, Maine has become the testing ground in hopes of establishing a precedent that can be replicated across the country.  It is imperative that we stop the spread of the Marxist cancer that emanates from our State across the Country.

These fiscal policies have impoverished our State for generations now.  For the sake of our little ones, Conservatives must stop the rising tide of socialism now.  MCV believes that we must demand in our Representatives: fiscal, moral and constitutional responsibility.

We hope that this site can provide a place where Conservatives can express their ideas and hopes for this state and our country.