After Further Review: Poliquin’s Hail Mary Takes A Sack

Liz Caruso just won’t go away, much to the chagrin of Bruce Poliquin. A determined campaigner, Caruso’s dogged challenge has made the “sure thing” look less and less sure as the primary weeks have passed on. The Poliquin camp is feeling the heat.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Poliquin was expected to simply walk into the nomination and take another try at regaining the CD 2 seat. Caruso was never taken seriously by the political establishment, seen more as an irritant than the formidable force she has become.

A true grass roots effort, Caruso’s message of America First, addressing Big Tech’s censorship, confronting governmental suppression of our Natural Born Rights, focusing on protecting Maine’s families and businesses from regulatory overreach, border security, support for our law enforcement and military, and a strong belief in free market energy solutions has resonated with the Maine people. The voters are hearing a fresh and genuine voice in their neighborhoods, they like it, and they are connecting with her message.

Bruce Poliquin has struggled to shed his DC insider image and enthusiasm from his campaign has been tepid at best. To make matters worse, Caruso’s popularity has been surging, seemingly daily. Caruso’s America First and Maine First priorities have struck a chord across the Second Congressional District.

Poliquin’s campaign released a hit and smear email against Caruso, claiming her work for a signature gathering group evidenced that she was working for and had financial ties to the Biden campaign. This quickly blew up in their face, when it was revealed that Poliquin’s campaign manager also worked for the same supposed sinister company, making many ask the question, “Does the ‘dark money Biden operative’ shoe fit on the Poliquin campaign as well?” Many Maine Republicans have also worked for this company gathering signatures during referendums.

Caruso’s wholesome family image and down to earth persona continues to draw Mainers from all walks of life, even as the clock ticks down to primary night. Maine people have grown so tired of the nasty swampy politics. They find Caruso a refreshing departure from the “politics as usual” they despise.

Still, even yesterday morning, Caruso was forced to respond to a top Poliquin campaign advisor, Brent Littlefield, who called supporters of hers, attacking and disparaging Caruso’s marriage, in an effort to smear the family image that so many gravitate to. This is the breaking of a cardinal rule in politics: which is, stay away from the families! A line has been crossed here and there is never a good reason to attack a candidate’s family.

There is a reason why the Poliquin camp is behaving recklessly. Internal polling must not look very good. Caruso is tenacious and her message is in lock step to what the people want from their leaders, not political mudslinging.

If you’re going to throw a hail Mary, don’t take a sack or fumble. Sadly, Poliquin has done both. Caruso is still delivering her message, undeterred.

Does she have enough time? Only the voters of Maine will tell. I hope the people of Maine will denounce the low attacks, vote for Liz Caruso, and send her to Washington to represent Maine and the Second Congressional District.

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