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Emily Cain, Red Flannel Sweat, and the Dukakis Helmet


Those moments that define who we are. What we do means more than what we say. And you can’t pull that crap and get away with it in the 2nd District, Emily Cain.

Maybe its because Emily Cain has just returned from a wine tasting tour with Nancy Pelosi on the left coast of California to garner more campaign contributions from the Hollywood elites that has caused her to be unaware that it is blistering hot here in Maine right now. It must be the reason, because why else would someone decide to go out for a photo-op shooting lesson dressed in a thick red plaid flannel shirt, still sporting the fresh-outta-the-wrapper creases, layered under another spanking shiny new, did I mention thick, blaze orange hunting vest under the hot, yes very hot, August sun. If you noticed the awkward position of the “instructor” standing next to her, its probably because he’s trying to avoid stepping in the pool of sweat rippling around Ms. Cain’s most likely insulated L.L. Bean hunting boots, store tags in tow, gathering from the rivulets of perspiration coursing down her hypocritical person.

Obviously Ms. Cain is desperate to prove to the common sense voters of the 2nd District in Maine that she is one of them. Unfortunately for her, most Mainers know that no one in their right mind would go out on a sweltering hot August day to target shoot dressed to the flannel hilt for a bird hunt in October. There is humor here to be had for sure were it not for the condescending insult to the voters of CD 2.

No picture in a sweat drenched hunting outfit is going to convince voters of her love for guns when Emily Cain’s voting record screams otherwise. Furthermore her sudden stalwart defense of the “right to hunt” exposes her complete and indefensible disregard for the reasons for the 2nd Amendment. The first and foremost being a defense against a government that has lost an understanding and respect for the purpose of the Constitution and, therefore, has become a danger to the citizens. Hunting is way down the list.

While Ms. Cain should be reminded hunters wear multiple layers during hunting months of October and November because its cold, not in August to create a portable sauna, she should also be reminded that the Maine State Constitution takes the 2nd Amendment one step further by demanding that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be questioned. Once Ms. Cain has peeled off her soggy flannel propaganda attire, she’ll need to explain to the Maine residents why she has questioned that fundamental right on numerous occasions.

I suppose we should thank Emily Cain for interjecting some much needed comic relief into a election cycle that has been rife with despair. One cannot look at the heat shimmers emanating from the multi-layers of flannel campaign photog draped over Ms. Cain’s shoulders and not have it invoke images of Michael Dukakis… and an army helmet he should never have put on.


A Hero Among Heroes


Hometown hero is term we often hear used to describe persons noteworthy of our admiration. In the tumultuous times we live in, I have come to believe that our little towns here in Maine are filled with hometown heroes. From the moms and dads who embrace, with no thought of recognition or reward, the challenges of raising a family, to the farmers and loggers carving out their gritty sustenance from the land, which does not always willingly yield its abundance to the labor their hands, and the every day neighbors dedicated to maintaining the peaceful atmosphere in their towns, here in Maine heroes are in every kitchen, every farm field, and behind every wave of a hand as neighbors pass by. Still, from time to time, someone stands out from even those whose steady existence is the bedrock of a Nation and causes these many heroes to pause, take notice and homage to the one.

Such a time has come for the heroes who reside in the little town of Atkinson. We pause for one of the greatest among us. A young man named Jay Brainard.

He grew up in this little town, playing in the fields and woods that intertwine between the Piscataquis River and Alder Stream. Like any other boy he enjoyed fishing and being outdoors but in time began to nurture a dream to fly helicopters.

Jay Brainard would fulfill that dream. He would also determine to take that skill and serve his country, eventually earning the rank of Captain. Captain Brainard knew that his passion to fly was coupled to a vow to give his utmost for his nation if necessary. That vow was called upon in the desert sands of the Middle East, far away from the peaceful green shores of the Piscataquis River, Alder Stream, and Atkinson, Maine.

So in a little town filled with hardworking heroes going about their everyday work of supporting the foundation of the fundamental life of a society, it is time for them to pause and honor one who is the greatest among them. A soldier who defended them with all he could give. Atkinson mourns the loss of its son but also is proud to have him stand above us.

I am one who lives in this little town of Atkinson. Many days on my ride to work, I drive by an honor roll that lists the greatest of our heroes from wars past. Captain Brainard has joined their esteemed company and we name the bridge that spans the Piscataquis River after him.

I am glad to have had the chance to raise my children in this town. A quiet honest town where people work from dawn til dusk. In a town full of heroes, I’m proud to live in Atkinson on the banks of the Piscataquis River where you can cross that river on the Captain Jay Brainard Gold Star Memorial Bridge.

Poliquin Official Portrait

Rep. Poliquin Acts to Stop Outrageous Government Intrusion of Personal Emails

Rep. Poliquin Acts to Stop Outrageous Government Intrusion of Personal Emails

As an original cosponsor, Rep. Poliquin today will vote for the Email Privacy Act in the House


WASHINGTON – Today, Maine’s 2nd District Congressman, Bruce Poliquin, released the following statement on the House’s vote on the Email Privacy Act, of which he is an original cosponsor:


“It is absolutely outrageous and unbelievable that the federal government has the legal authority to invade the privacy of millions of Americans by reading and storing our emails without any warrant,” said Congressman Poliquin. “The current law allowing for emails older than 180 days to be accessed without a warrant by the feds is outdated and intrusive.  Today, I am voting to fix this outrageous invasion of our privacy.”


Out Manned, Out Planned, Overmatched

The rumors are true. I have first hand knowledge. The repeated reports nationwide that the Cruz campaign has beaten Donald Trump to every punch in the delegate battle was in full evidence today at the Maine Republican State Convention. I was there to witness how organized and efficient the “Cruz Crew” is and how completely inept the Trump campaign is.

The prelude to the delegate battle was a very strange and awkward claim by Trump surrogate Governor LePage claiming that Cruz had violated some back room deal struck between the Governor and the Cruz national team. This from the Trump campaign which has loudly decried all the supposed back room dealings that Cruz has, as Trump alleges, done to steal delegates. LePage and his team spent the night before and the morning of the delegate vote calling for the convention delegates to reject the Cruz slate of delegates on the basis of this “violation” of a back room deal made previous to the vote on the floor of the convention.

I have to say, on a personal note, that I found it strange that the Cruz campaign which has man handled the Trump campaign in the delegate ground game would even consider cutting a deal for delegates, especially when Cruz had won the State of Maine.  Garrett Mason, Co-chair for the Cruz4Maine group has gone on record flatly denouncing that any back room deal was struck for the delegates. Even had there been deal struck, I doubt that Cruz himself would have gone along with it. His ground game is kicking Trump’s ample behinder parts. Why does he need to cut Donald any slack with a deal?

I was witness to this back parts kicking today. Trump’s ground game was non-existent. What volunteers he had were wandering around the convention floor with some signs with hastily scribbled lists attached. The Cruz Crew, on the other hand, had handouts with the approved delegate slate, an army of volunteers with flourescent green shirts prepared to answer any question, specific volunteers who were walking around the convention with large placards with the delegate list on it in case someone hadn’t picked up a flyer, and other volunteers passing out signs to wave. I know this sounds crazy, and Donald thinks this cheating, but it looked like…dare I say it…a political campaign doing its job…and…shutter to think….doing it well.

The Trump campaign was completely outclassed today. They were over matched. It wasn’t even close.Cruz swept the 14 at large delegates and,  over all, won 19 of 23 delegates Maine is allotted. Be advised that the delegates are bound to vote the way they are proportioned on the first vote.

I watched a man next to me who had intended to vote for Trump grow so frustrated with the confusion on the Trump team, he tossed their list. He went and grabbed a Cruz delegate flyer to fill out his ballot instead. There is something to be said for surrounding yourself with the best people. It was very evident today, Donald has not!