The Piscataquis Resolution (document unsigned)

Resolution of Protest for Piscataquis County

Whereas, the people of Piscataquis County, in the Sovereign State of Maine, are a Free people, whose lives and futures should be dependent and affected by their decisions alone without interference through the dictates of one;

Whereas, the Commissioners of Piscataquis County were elected by strong majorities;

Whereas, these people, with a majority voice, have challenged their elected Representatives at every level to remove or nullify the onerous burdens that have been placed on their lives, families, and businesses through the dictates of one;

Whereas, the Governor of the State of Maine has chosen to defy the Constitution of this Republic of the Free, Sovereign, and United States of America, to ignore the Constitution of the State of which she is Governor, and instead, rule alone through the dictates of one;

Whereas, the Governor has repeatedly refused to allow the legislature to convene, review, and address the impact of her rulings upon the free people the legislature represents;

Whereas, the Governor has repeatedly refused to answer requests by the legislature that she produce corroborated and proven science which can substantiate if any of her edicts have lessened the spread of the Wuhan Virus;

Whereas, the Governor has called upon citizens to report fellow citizens and businesses to authorities for non-compliance with her edicts, turning neighbor against neighbor;

Whereas, despite having the majority of the State in compliance with the Governor’s edicts, the Wuhan Virus continues to spread;

Whereas, research and study of the history of pandemics shows that face coverings and lock-downs only worsen and lengthen the time of the virus’ track through the populace;

Whereas, the same research shows that face coverings, while not preventing the virus, cause respiratory disease and pneumonia, with far worse devastation to the populace than the virus itself;

Whereas, research shows that lock-downs cause an alarming rise in suicides, drug abuse, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and depression;

Whereas, now, reports of pneumonia and respiratory disease caused from face coverings are starting to rise throughout our country;

Whereas, now, the rates of suicide, drug abuse, domestic abuse, alcohol abuse, and depression are on an alarming rise throughout our country;

Whereas, the edicts of this Governor has disproportionately depressed rural counties, such as Piscataquis County, which has virtually no virus present within its borders;

Whereas, with the apparent change in the Presidential administration, the Governors of the States in lock-downs have made calls to end their lock-downs, lending credence to the belief that these edicts were not driven by science but by political animus;

Whereas, the Free People of Piscataquis County of the Sovereign State of Maine have spoken with a majority voice in declaring their wish to live, work, play, study, and worship in freedom;

Whereas, these individual rights to personal freedom are protected by the United States Constitution and the Maine State Constitution;

Whereas, in accordance with statute, case law, and the Maine Constitution, the Commissioners of Piscataquis County have no authority to nullify the edicts of this Governor, who has bypassed the Constitutional checks and balances of the legislature, to rule alone through the dictates of one;

Whereas, the voice of the people of Piscataquis County must be heard;

Be it therefore Known and Resolved, that the Commissioners of Piscataquis County in the State of Maine do Protest and Demand that the mandates and the lock-down issued by the Governor of the State of Maine be lifted from the residents, families, businesses, schools, and places of worship in accordance with the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Maine, that these residents within our Commission may live their lives by the fruits of their own labor and choice, for their own provision and health as they see fit, which is their Natural Born Right, Unalienable before God Almighty.

This Resolution was adopted and approved by the Unanimous Consent of the Commissioners of Piscataquis County in the State of Maine on the Thirteenth day of January in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty One and signed on this day the Nineteenth day of January in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty One.

Commissioner James L. White /Chair______________________________________________

Commissioner Wayne E. Erkkinnen/Vice-Chair______________________________________

Commissioner Andrew R. Torbett _________________________________________________

About that Letter/A Letter, A Rebuttal, and a Response


I have waited for several weeks, in a vain hope against reality, for Doug Thomas to show some modicum of integrity and honesty to clarify just exactly what was meant by the supposed “letter of endorsement” from Governor LePage. Surprised that LePage would create an appearance of aligning himself against a strong political ally such as Paul Davis, I contacted various sources close to the Governor. Given Thomas’ abysmal performance in the last primary, I was hard pressed to believe that LePage would take such a calamitous political risk in challenging Senator Paul Davis, who enjoys strong popularity, influence, and strength of reputation, with no signs of diminishing.

I was able to contact those close to the Governor; in fact, seated right next to the Governor, who answered my questions and confirmed my suspicions. Governor LePage was given to believe, when he wrote the letter, that Paul Davis was retiring and would not seek reelection. He has assured me that had he known that Senator Davis would seek another term, he would not have written that letter.

I would have hoped that Mr. Thomas would have been honest with voters of Senate District 4. He has not, but sadly, this is just another in a pattern of dishonest acts from the former Senator. So here is the simple truth; Governor LePage never intended to endorse Doug Thomas against Paul Davis. Paul Davis has Governor LePage’s full support and should have yours this July 14th.

Andy Torbett

Doug Thomas printed a rebuttal to my letter, which can be read at the Piscataquis Observer . Here is my response to that rebuttal:

A Letter, A Rebuttal, and a Response

It seems I need to offer a few words of explanation to Doug Thomas as to why I, my own person, view him as a dishonest person. First, let me thank Mr. Thomas for his rebuttal to my former letter, which offers a clear case in point to my assertions and beliefs. Let us move forward and step by step dissect the half-truths and downright lies in this rebuttal.

Thomas tries to immediately pivot to blame his opponent, Paul Davis, for my letter and past letters against him. Paul Davis has never been involved with The Maine Conservative Voice or any of my opinion letters. I stand on my own merit, beliefs, and opinions for better or for worse.

I did write fund raising letters and “Get Out The Vote” letters for Senator Davis, a service which I also did for Doug Thomas when he was Senator. I did get paid a consulting fee for that service, but these are not opinion or activist articles. I have my billings, receipts, and copies of the letters.

After a lengthy history on his endorsement letter, Doug Thomas claims that I am questioning the reality of this letter. I have done no such thing; in fact, my letter was an acknowledgment that it does exist. I was disappointed, however, Mr. Thomas had not provided better clarity to it.

Neither do I refute that Governor LePage stands by it. I would have advised the Governor to do just that. Rescinding the letter would have made him look weak, but some clarification from Thomas would have gone a long way towards honesty.

I have never done a radio ad. Not with Paul Davis. Not with anyone.

Paul Davis has been nothing but respectful in public appearances to any of his opponents, including Doug Thomas. I believe Paul Davis referred to Thomas as a chameleon in an interview, can’t be sure. A chameleon is not a skunk, not even close, and I’m sure about that.

I am the one who has questioned Doug Thomas’ honesty and integrity, not Paul Davis. Senator Davis has no idea of what I write, although I’m sure it makes him a little uncomfortable when he reads it. The “anyone that opposes them” is simply opposing Doug Thomas, that’s all, and this rebuttal from Thomas only solidifies my personal opinion that he is not fit to represent the good people of District 4.

Andy Torbett


Silence is Golden: The Embodiment


Maine is blessed with pristine vistas where souls can find their quiet repose and reflection. The soothing sounds of nature, while rejuvenating, prove to us that in the silence of the forest it is nearly impossible, even in the whisper of the wind and the chirp of the chickadee, to find complete silence. And yet, Jared Golden has managed to achieve the impossible.

As the sound of shuttering death, the slam of the doors of venerable, generational establishments of private enterprise in Maine reaches a deafening cacophony under the heavy misguided hand of Governor Mills , there has nary been a peep from the less than Honorable Jared Golden. The Second Congressional District, which he represents, stands to have irrevocable damage done to its fragile economies as the Governor crushes them beneath her mindless heel, yet not even the customary whimper of Democrat talking points from the Congressman. Mr. Golden has become the embodiment of fearful silence; hidden, cowering, and invisible.

One would expect, as CD2 is facing impending doom from the barrage of Draconian measures from his Party, that Golden would at least have a trembling prepared statement in her defense. Is it too much to ask for a Congressman from rural Maine to have the backbone to stand against Nancy Pelosi and Governor Mills to speak in our behalf? But Behold!, fellow Mainers, Representative Golden has managed the courage to vote, in pensive, furtive subjection, to have someone else vote for him.

-Andy Torbett TMCV