Letter to the Editor

The cover up continues in Piscataquis County. The Democrats and their media allies here are pitched in an effort to gain a foothold in The Red County. This has been sent to the Piscataquis  Observer, The Eastern Gazette, and the Bangor Daily. I’m not letting this go and I will not be silenced. They should know better by now.

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my genuine concern and frustration that the double standards we see played out on the national political stage have made their way into Piscataquis County. The requirements for a candidate to run for a house seat in Maine clearly read that the individual must reside in the district he or she wishes to represent for at least the 90 days/3 months directly preceding the election. This is to insure that local communities have local representation.

Reports have surfaced, with documented evidence, that Dr. Richard Evans has applied for and received Homestead exemption in the Town of Addison, ME, Washington County, which carries a requirement of residency in that town. To be clear, Addison is not even close to the District he is running for office in here in Piscataquis County. He has his mail sent to Dover-Foxcroft to give the appearance of residency in Piscataquis. Unfortunately for Dr. Evans, by rule, he cannot have it both ways.

Mr. Evans must make a choice. Does he want residency in Addison to maintain his tax exemption or does he want residency in Dover-Foxcroft to run for political office? Whatever his choice, the facts are clear, he cannot run for office in Piscataquis County now.

In the end, the fault lies with the Democrat Party. So used to a double standard, Democrats operate under the assumption that the rules do not apply to them and the media will always run cover. There is a way to end the double standard and that is to vote in November against the dishonesty of the Democrat Party!

Andy Torbett

Atkinson ME


Tip of the Hat

The Maine Conservative Voice, more than occasionally, has criticized Senator Susan Collins for her votes and what we believe is a lack of conservative principles in her voting record. What Senator Collins does not lack in is courage. This has been evidenced over the years  in willingness to challenge the conservatives in her own party, much to our chagrin.

But it is this courage that she exemplified in the face of heinous behavior by unhinged mobs to defend the rule of law, due process, and the presumption of innocence. The Republic owes her a debt of gratitude today. Maine is proud of their Senator today.

In the future, given Collins track record, TMCV will assuredly disagree with Senator Collins on many issues. We will not hesitate to voice our opinions and disapproval, as is our right, which the Senator has so courageously defended. Still for now, a heartfelt tip of the hat to Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

Different Reality, Different Neighborhood (Silence of the Dems)


Every gun owner in the state of Maine watched in shocked disbelief at Jared Golden’s campaign ad in which he leaves the parting visual to Maine Voters of a rifle being thrown to the ground. The first and very basic precept of gun safety is to treat every gun as if it were loaded. It would be safe to assume, given the nearly non-existence of accidental gun discharge incidents in our fair state, that the majority of families have passed down this basic tenet of gun safety and that basic knowledge somehow got lost in translation somewhere in the Golden family.

If the disconnect of the Democrat Party was not evident before, it is stark now, blazing and heralded in neon. Americans are fair, just as Mainers are fair. We are troubled, along with the rest of this Nation, that a man can be convicted based solely on hearsay and innuendo, rather than evidence, fact, and corroboration.

We are fair-minded and believe any victim of assault has the right to be heard but so does the accused. Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser has been heard, and heard, and heard, and heard again hourly on the 24 hour news outlets and yet, when the Judge was finally given an opportunity to defend himself, he was openly mocked by the Democrat side of the dais, even to the point of laughing at his emotion when referring to the trauma his wife and daughters have faced. The Democrats and their leftist media allies have gone so far, better yet, so low as to print cartoons mocking Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter for praying for her father’s accuser.

If we as Mainers are fair-minded, and we are, then it is fair question to ask, Why the deafening silence of our local Democrats? I have worked as an activist and writer for some years now and I have witnessed my Senator, Paul Davis, challenge and criticize his own Party on many occasions, but his opponent, Sue Mackey Andrews, has made no such defense of due process and the right of the accused to defend their innocence.

She and Dr. Evans, with their resounding silence, have endorsed and embraced the smearing of a man’s good name based on hearsay, tenuous hearsay at that. The Democrats have gone full throat in attacking our Border patrol, our police force, our military, and still silence from our local Democrat candidates. They have been vocal in their embrace of the anti-2nd Amendment agenda of the Democrat Party though, saying the defense of our Natural Born Right to self-defense “goes to far.”

It seems our local Democrats live in a different reality, separated from fact, like the overwhelming defeat of Bloomberg’s Q3 initiative at the hands of rural voters, the ones they wish to represent. Rural Maine overwhelmingly approved of Governor Paul LePage’s policies and yet Janet Mill’s is openly campaigning on reversing all that the Governor has accomplished, with more trumpeting silence from Andrews and Evans. The Democrat Party has called the brave men and women of our police force killers, rapists, and racists, and still not one word from our local Democrat candidates.

One of our local Democrat candidates lives in a different neighborhood altogether. With a few phone calls and a little investigation, this columnist was able to verify, with the Addison town office, that Dr. Richard Evans has applied for and received the Homestead Exemption for his residence in Addison, Maine. On the application, the applicant must check that his residency is in the town that he wishes to have the exemption. Dr. Evans declared on the application that his residency is Addison, Maine, which for geographical reference is not in the House District he is currently running for office in.

He has his mail delivered to Dover-Foxcroft in an attempt to appear to have a residency in Piscataquis County so that he can run for office here. Piscataquis County has long enjoyed local representation from Senator Paul Davis, Representative Norman Higgins, and Representative Paul Stearns that was just a call away because we knew that they lived here. We don’t know where Dr. Evans resides.

Whether Dr. Evans wins the election or not, he is most likely assured of an investigation into the ethics and violations associated with his subterfuge and duplicitous campaign. It’s one thing to be all things to all people, it just should be kept in the district to which you are running for office. That’s still the reality in a real world.

Lady Taxalot and Her Tax Mills


The Democrats have sworn an oath and probably just plain swore… a lot, in light of the economic rebirth of the State of Maine and it’s even brighter future on the horizon. They have vowed to undo all of the policies of Governor LePage and return Maine to Democrat policies, which are debt, poverty, and unemployment. Janet Mills has the plan to obstruct any forward motion this State has toward independence and turn us back to the perpetual state of dependency.

Her plan is an effective plan if your stated goal is to undo all the accomplishments of the past Governor. Nothing decimates a growing economy better than a mass taxation and Mills has a taxation nuclear blast that would make California envious. When she says she wants to change the direction Maine is going in, do not doubt her sincerity.

First is a tax on milk, because what every young and growing family wants is to feel the government pinch when buying that bone building nectar of the bovine. Always remember, yes, always remember, it’s for the children. But wait there is more of the mass tax-atrocity plan…

And just when you thought your family budgets were going to look a little fuller, Janet Tax Mills has better use for your hard earned dollars. She wants to track and tax every mile you drive in your vehicle. That doesn’t sound intrusive at all does it? What about rural Maine families where the typical provider has to travel longer distances to and from work?

How could Mainers, who lay claim to a strong independent streak, even think about voting for a Democrat track and tax policy? Government tracking every mile we drive and then taxing it? I think not!

Lady Taxalot has a mass umbrella approach to taxation. She has been quoted as saying we should have a tax for everyone. But mass taxation will have mass casualties for our local economies especially the more fragile rural economies, which suffer the most from government overreach.

Lady Taxalot has a history of grinding out punitive economic policies from her Tax Mills. She and Governor Baldacci were responsible for the Dirigo Health 77 million tax hike disaster that plunged our hospitals into catastrophic debt. It never covered more than 15,000 people.

She was a major part of LD 2247 which increased the paid claims tax to 4%. LD 2247 also placed increased taxes on soda, wine, beer, and syrup for soda machines creating a huge financial burden to rural business. These taxes had to be passed on to the consumer, which inevitably slows down local commerce.

Along with Governor Baldacci, Janet Mills was responsible for Amendment H-904 to LD 1919, which incurred a 5% tax against assisted living facilities. The Kennebec Journal published a letter urging this amendment to be repealed as the tax increase was such an onerous burden upon the elderly, who were being forced to deplete their limited savings accounts. Janet Mills name was mentioned specifically in connection with this, another taxation disaster.

Believe her when she says she wants to undo the policies of the past eight years. Janet Mills is the reincarnation of Governor Baldacci, bringing us back under the cloud of fiscal insolvency. The Democrats dislike prosperity because of the independence it brings people. Janet Mills wants to bring us back to a state of dependency on government and we can’t vote that in!

-Andy Torbett