The Piscataquis Resolution (an overview)

The Piscataquis Resolution

Change is in the wind and it borders on the miraculous…of sorts. Joe Biden had barely enough time to finish the oath of office and Democrat leaders across the Nation were announcing their intent to reopen their economies. Claims of plummeting infection rates coupled with a sudden pivot to hydroxychloroquine as an effective and viable treatment for the Wuhan Virus, while the media has returned to naming a virus by its geographical place of origin, lends credence to the lingering and growing skepticism of the pandemic narrative. Call it the Biden Effect.

I’m sure the doctors forced out of their practices for spouting “nonscience”, which has become “nowscience”, will be afforded a heartfelt apology from the AMA and others who sneered at those brave, and now proven, practitioners. Perhaps not, as focusing on discounting the reports of the effectiveness of the wonder drug Ivermectin seems to be the next layer of “nonscience”. Imagine the lives that could have been saved had hydroxychloriquine been allowed and encouraged for use, and how many more will be lost in the wranglings over the political impact of simple wonder drug.

But its science and science, as of late, seems to have a healthy dose of political animus. Its no wonder that many Americans, including Mainers, have a healthy distrust of modern medical science, which seems to be more media driven and predicated on political expediency rather than research and scientific method. Science blows in the wind and whither it lands, nobody knows.

Recently, the County Commissioners of Piscataquis County, Maine, sent a Resolution of Protest to the Governor of Maine, The Piscataquis Resolution is a voice for all the concerns, frustrations, helplessness, and anger that the Commissioners’ constituents have expressed to them, asking their elected officials to “Please, do something!” about the draconian lock down and mandates enforced upon them. Predictably, the resolution was met with derision by the media, whose reporting read more like a cut and paste of local protesters’ chants. With the local cancel culture groups in full throat (Yes, Piscataquis has a cancel culture group working out of the Center Theater in Dover-Foxcroft.), the Commissioners have faced protest, vile threats, and character assassinations from the cancel groups, media, Governor, Attorney General, and legislature.

So lets look at The Piscataquis Resolution which, according to the media, is rife with falsehoods and racist terminology. First, the resolution is an extension, or next step, of a protest letter sent by the Commissioners along with three other rural counties, over the summer. The purpose was to lodge complaint and demand audience with the Governor to voice the concerns of their respective counties; unfortunately, the Governor never acknowledged the letter.

Piscataquis has taken the next step of a public and formal Resolution of Protest against the Governor. Here is an overview of the points which have caused the most angst among the local cancel groups. The real over arching anger is directed to that startling affront that any voice could be given to an opinion that does not coincide with, or is contrary to, theirs and, therefore, must be silenced.

The Commissioners do not agree and feel they represent the majority of the residents of Piscataquis. As two of the commissioners ran unopposed and the third was elected by nearly 60% of the vote tally, there is evidence to support this claim. That is a strong majority.

Some town officials have claimed that the Commissioners only represent unorganized townships, not the organized towns. If so, then why are elections for the office of the Commissioner held in organized towns, the votes are tallied, and counted with the unorganized townships? The officials may do well to check statutes which grants County Commissioners oversight for towns on tax abatement issues and other budgetary issues.

The criticisms of the Governor have been publicly made by both parties over this past year. What has been of particular concern for Piscataquis have been reports from distraught, angry, frustrated, and emotional residents who have been tormented in their daily lives and businesses by the gestapo-like tactics of the local cancel group who have been taking pictures, making video recordings, and threatening to report their neighbors for lock down violations to the government, at the behest of the Governor. The businesses of Piscataquis live under the constant threat of closure or other punitive action by the Governor through her local lackeys.

One of the major accusations of racism against the resolution is the use of the term Wuhan Virus. This is simply an indication of the place of origin for the virus. Interestingly, it was the media who first used the term, and with a new administration in Washington, (the Biden Effect) the media have returned to labeling Wuhan variants by their geographical location.

The Piscataquis Resolution also states that face coverings and lock downs only lengthen the time of the pandemic. A phone call from a doctor, who called to express his concern with the resolution, agreed that this point was true and it is by intent. For those that battle infectious disease, lengthening the stay of the pandemic in the populous gives more time to study it and find a cure and, while many may argue the efficacy of this cold and calculated view, to the medical field, in the end the lives they believe saved will justify the means.

Most of derision was focused on the claim that the prolonged use of face coverings has been proven to cause bacterial pneumonia and respiratory disease. This was based upon Dr. Fauci’s study of the Spanish Flue where he asserts that the flue broke down the immune system, face covering were prescribed to combat the spread, but in the end bacterial pneumonia was the final killer. While it is true that the study does not specifically indicate face coverings as the trigger for the move from flu to bacterial pneumonia, fact checkers ignore the numerous studies of this and other pandemics that cite that the bacteria in the mouth and nasal passages moved from these areas into the damaged and vulnerable lower lung tissue.

This begs the simple common sense question: What forced the bacteria in the oral and nasal cavities, which is normally present, to move from its usual position in the oral and nasal cavities to the lungs? Similarly, how can the medical field expect the average layperson to approach the wearing, touching, adjusting, and discarding of masks with the same training and precision that comes with the years of practice that a medical professional requires? And are the governing agencies properly administering proper practices concerning masks?

There are repeated warnings throughout the dental and oral medical fields of a rising trend of “mask mouth.” This is a bacterial infection of the dental tissue, along with inflammation and bacterial infection in the throat and mouth. The repeated warnings urge those that have these symptoms of swelling and redness in the gums or oral tissue to see a doctor before the symptoms are irreversible.

The underlying purpose of The Piscataquis Resolution is to give voice to the people who have no voice and have been ignored. As the Commissioners stated at the signing, those protesting the resolution have the government and the media to voice their concerns constantly throughout every day, but no one is speaking for the silent majority. The Commissioners of Piscataquis County have chosen to give a voice of protest for that silent majority that they represent and they will not be deterred nor will they rescind The Piscataquis Resolution.

The Eye Of The Storm


There is really is no other way to describe the present state of our Nation than sheer lunacy. From temper tantrums to violent reprisals, thumb-sucking whiny protests against chest pounding gloats, choreographed animus fueled by shadowy charlatans, unhinged rabid political leaders mated with a dishonest instigating media, and it would seem the whole world has gone mad. Reason is traded for rage and dissent confused with destruction.

No one is exempt. Everywhere at all corners someone shouting. Yes, and even the silence is deafening.

There is an eye to this storm but no one is  able to find it. The fuel to the fire lies there seemingly dormant but the energy it exudes is the gas for the flame. Somewhere in the midst of the swirling winds can be heard the faint click of a twitter account.

Denzel Washington in recent interview asked a poignant question. “Do you own the phone or does the phone own you?” The Biblical verse says “By their fruits you shall know them” and by their fruits one can see that the phone owns them. One simple tweet and the mayhem continues. The flames swirl up.

Even the best of our leaders have been caught up in the twitter tantrums. As pundits slavishly pontificate upon the storm and leaders, with activists alike, shout mindlessly into the howling winds, one realizes that no one can get clear read on where this President is going with his administration. Somewhere in the midst of this Trumponian din of bombast and confusion, a President with a twitter account sits in the eye of his storm and sees things just the way he wants them.

Stating The Obvious: A Shot In The Dark



Last week, we started a series on the lies by silence, the sins of omission, which runs rampant through the media of this State.  Right on cue, the Bangor Daily News was found embroiled in an information and misinformation campaign this past week.  The revelations that came from an over reach of freedoms came under the glaring light of public scrutiny when Maine residents became enraged at the revelations Bangor Daily News had abused the Freedom of Information Act.

The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) is legislation, which allows any American to request information that is in the public record.  The caveat being that if the information is deemed to pose a threat to the well being of the citizenry the public entity can refuse on those grounds.  Often times when documents are released under FOIA, they will have portions blotted out because the information is too dangerous to be released.

This past week Bangor Daily News, citing FOIA, sent a letter to the Maine State Police and all the local town and city precincts demanding the names and addresses of all individuals who have Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permits be sent to their newspaper.  This ignited a firestorm of protest within the State and within two days Bangor Daily had rescinded their request.  Readers will recall a similar situation in New York where a paper posted a list and map of gun owners in their readership area.  Subsequently, robberies began to happen at the homes from the map targeting their guns.  The perpetrators were caught with the list and map in hand.

What is most curious is the explanation Bangor Daily gave for the inquiry into the CCW’s.  The editor attempted to calm the situation by citing the reasons as the pending legislation by Representative Cory Wilson (R), which would block access to the CCW list, and their ongoing investigation into sex offenders and drug dealers.  This leads this columnist to wonder how the paper expects the residents of Maine to have their anger pacified by the knowledge that those employed by the Bangor Daily equate gun ownership   with sex offenders, drug dealers or are at least trying to establish a connection and quickly before Rep. Wilson’s bill passes, most curious indeed.

As stated, Bangor Daily News has rescinded its request.  But a new group has issued a request immediately after Bangor Daily pulled its request, a group called CelebrationsConnect.  They are rumored to have ties to the Portland Press Herald.  A shadow group?  Plausible deniability? Just a shot in the dark but it smells.  At any rate, the battle against your privacy and safety is far from over.  The Governor has put forth emergency legislation that would block the media or any other organizations from getting to the CCW lists.  The roll call vote is set for the 19th of February.  Be assured that this columnist will let you know who votes for and who votes against your right to privacy and safety.

To this point, all the Republicans are on board in support of the Governor. The only statement from Democrats is one Seth Berry acknowledging Mainers are angry…..cue sound of crickets.  So I guess we know where this is going.

The Portland Press Herald made a clumsy attempt at a distraction from the issue by trying to attack the Governor for a $32,000 expense bill for the meals at the Blaine House.  What they forgot to include is this Governor has made it a point to entertain many of the military veterans, business people, and just plain hard working people in Maine making this the most accessible Blaine House perhaps in the history of the State of Maine.  Now the Portland Press Herald is hastily trying to wipe the proverbial egg off of their collective faces.  And, yes, they also forgot to mention that Governor Baldacci had at least eight aides who did…well, nobody knows what they did, but they did whatever they did to the tune of a $100,000 a year.  I can guarantee the Blaine House was not so accessible to the taxpayers footing that bill during that administration.  Stay tuned!  More to come!