The Eye Of The Storm


There is really is no other way to describe the present state of our Nation than sheer lunacy. From temper tantrums to violent reprisals, thumb-sucking whiny protests against chest pounding gloats, choreographed animus fueled by shadowy charlatans, unhinged rabid political leaders mated with a dishonest instigating media, and it would seem the whole world has gone mad. Reason is traded for rage and dissent confused with destruction.

No one is exempt. Everywhere at all corners someone shouting. Yes, and even the silence is deafening.

There is an eye to this storm but no one is  able to find it. The fuel to the fire lies there seemingly dormant but the energy it exudes is the gas for the flame. Somewhere in the midst of the swirling winds can be heard the faint click of a twitter account.

Denzel Washington in recent interview asked a poignant question. “Do you own the phone or does the phone own you?” The Biblical verse says “By their fruits you shall know them” and by their fruits one can see that the phone owns them. One simple tweet and the mayhem continues. The flames swirl up.

Even the best of our leaders have been caught up in the twitter tantrums. As pundits slavishly pontificate upon the storm and leaders, with activists alike, shout mindlessly into the howling winds, one realizes that no one can get clear read on where this President is going with his administration. Somewhere in the midst of this Trumponian din of bombast and confusion, a President with a twitter account sits in the eye of his storm and sees things just the way he wants them.