Different Reality, Different Neighborhood (Silence of the Dems)


Every gun owner in the state of Maine watched in shocked disbelief at Jared Golden’s campaign ad in which he leaves the parting visual to Maine Voters of a rifle being thrown to the ground. The first and very basic precept of gun safety is to treat every gun as if it were loaded. It would be safe to assume, given the nearly non-existence of accidental gun discharge incidents in our fair state, that the majority of families have passed down this basic tenet of gun safety and that basic knowledge somehow got lost in translation somewhere in the Golden family.

If the disconnect of the Democrat Party was not evident before, it is stark now, blazing and heralded in neon. Americans are fair, just as Mainers are fair. We are troubled, along with the rest of this Nation, that a man can be convicted based solely on hearsay and innuendo, rather than evidence, fact, and corroboration.

We are fair-minded and believe any victim of assault has the right to be heard but so does the accused. Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser has been heard, and heard, and heard, and heard again hourly on the 24 hour news outlets and yet, when the Judge was finally given an opportunity to defend himself, he was openly mocked by the Democrat side of the dais, even to the point of laughing at his emotion when referring to the trauma his wife and daughters have faced. The Democrats and their leftist media allies have gone so far, better yet, so low as to print cartoons mocking Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter for praying for her father’s accuser.

If we as Mainers are fair-minded, and we are, then it is fair question to ask, Why the deafening silence of our local Democrats? I have worked as an activist and writer for some years now and I have witnessed my Senator, Paul Davis, challenge and criticize his own Party on many occasions, but his opponent, Sue Mackey Andrews, has made no such defense of due process and the right of the accused to defend their innocence.

She and Dr. Evans, with their resounding silence, have endorsed and embraced the smearing of a man’s good name based on hearsay, tenuous hearsay at that. The Democrats have gone full throat in attacking our Border patrol, our police force, our military, and still silence from our local Democrat candidates. They have been vocal in their embrace of the anti-2nd Amendment agenda of the Democrat Party though, saying the defense of our Natural Born Right to self-defense “goes to far.”

It seems our local Democrats live in a different reality, separated from fact, like the overwhelming defeat of Bloomberg’s Q3 initiative at the hands of rural voters, the ones they wish to represent. Rural Maine overwhelmingly approved of Governor Paul LePage’s policies and yet Janet Mill’s is openly campaigning on reversing all that the Governor has accomplished, with more trumpeting silence from Andrews and Evans. The Democrat Party has called the brave men and women of our police force killers, rapists, and racists, and still not one word from our local Democrat candidates.

One of our local Democrat candidates lives in a different neighborhood altogether. With a few phone calls and a little investigation, this columnist was able to verify, with the Addison town office, that Dr. Richard Evans has applied for and received the Homestead Exemption for his residence in Addison, Maine. On the application, the applicant must check that his residency is in the town that he wishes to have the exemption. Dr. Evans declared on the application that his residency is Addison, Maine, which for geographical reference is not in the House District he is currently running for office in.

He has his mail delivered to Dover-Foxcroft in an attempt to appear to have a residency in Piscataquis County so that he can run for office here. Piscataquis County has long enjoyed local representation from Senator Paul Davis, Representative Norman Higgins, and Representative Paul Stearns that was just a call away because we knew that they lived here. We don’t know where Dr. Evans resides.

Whether Dr. Evans wins the election or not, he is most likely assured of an investigation into the ethics and violations associated with his subterfuge and duplicitous campaign. It’s one thing to be all things to all people, it just should be kept in the district to which you are running for office. That’s still the reality in a real world.

Geographical Prejudice Part Two


It is called “The Great Compromise”. A fragile new Nation was on the brink of disaster. The states could not agree. The contention was so sharp between them that the Constitutional Convention was “on the verge of dissolution, scarce held together by the strength of a hair,” so recounted by Luther Martin, one of the delegates to the convention.

The schism developed over the proposed plan for government first presented by Virginia’s Governor Edmund Randolph, drafted by James Madison also of Virginia, which would select representation based on population. This would be called “The Virginia Plan.”

Quick to see this would greatly encumber the small states’ access to government and be weighted heavily in the favor of larger more populated states, New Jersey’s William Paterson countered with a “one state, one vote” concept. This plan, “The New Jersey Plan”, would protect the interests of small states, ensuring equal standing and representation at the table of governance. There was no small dissension between the factions and the convention was on the verge of implosion.

The salvation of the fledgling nation, teetering on demise, came in the form of an agreement which would create a bicameral Congress. The House of Representatives would be elected by popular vote and weighted by population, The Virginia Plan. The Senate would follow the concept of one state, one vote, The New Jersey Plan.

With the confidence that small states’ rights were protected, the Constitution of the United States was ratified. The idea that one geographical area could dominate the governance of a free people simply because of its population, the travesty of that idea of geographical prejudice was corrected and those fears allayed. Still, for all their fore site and amazing sense of fairness for all, the Founders neglected to see the need to remodel the states’ structure of governance to mirror the national template.

Perhaps despite all of their towering foreknowledge, the Founders could not envision a time when urban areas would be so large that the counties which held that cities boundaries could dominate the political landscape of a state in much the same way that Virginia could dominate the political influence in the days of the Thirteen Colonies. But that day exists and we see it here in our state of Maine. Yes, the division of the two Maines exists and the tension continues to grow.

The southern part of the state prefers “The Virginia Plan”, which is how our state and all 50 states are governed. Dominated by Cumberland County which encompasses Portland and all the surrounding suburbia, the South holds the majority of legislators in both chambers; in fact, Cumberland County alone holds a dominant majority of legislators in comparison to Maine’s other fifteen counties because of the majority of the population that resides in that geographical location. This flies in the face of everything our Nation was founded upon and specifically “The Great Compromise”.

Because of this inequity, the smaller rural counties of Maine are afforded no system of check and balance in the current form of governance that exists in our state. In recent political cycles, rural Maine has eked out some political victories by driving record breaking voter turnout, over 80% in some locals, and then waited in hopes of lower turnout in southern Maine to gain slim victory. The political climates of each of the Maines are polar opposites, yet southern Maine, due to “The Virginia Plan”, is able to often legislate the governance of northern Maine, despite their protestations.

In an effort to remedy this wrong in much the same way our Founders did, both Senator Paul Davis and Representative Heather Sirocki have proposed at different times separate legislation which would have amended the state Constitution to in essence apply “The New Jersey Plan” and give every county two Senators mirroring the United States Constitution. Predictably, southern interests defeated those bills. Simply put, big government has a vested interest in keeping equitable representation out of governance.

Often when the subject of this legislation is discussed with politicians they will respond that is too difficult or too complicated, which is code for too lazy or too cowardly. Many legislators have forgotten the basic tenet of a Republic that is for the people by the people in that all people regardless of where they live should have equal standing with our government. I would strongly encourage Senator Davis and Representative Sirocki to reintroduce their legislation. This was the spirit our Founders understood in “The Great Compromise” and must be the goal of our legislators if they truly believe in fair, equitable, and unprejudiced representation of the people.

The Red County Caucus Endorses Ted Cruz


The members of “The Red County Caucus” announce their endorsement for the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.


In 2008, it was Piscataquis County’s singular status as the only Red County in all of New England that caused then Representative Paul Davis to begin thinking of forming an activist group that was indicative of this unique achievement. After finding three other Conservatives who shared a commonality and saw the potential of his idea, Davis forged ahead and formed “The Red County Caucus”. The RCC, as some have called the Red Caucus, is made up of those same four founding members: now Senator Paul Davis (R- Sangerville), former Senator Doug Smith (R-Dover-Foxcroft), former Representative Pete Johnson (R-Greenville), and Andy Torbett, a local Conservative activist and columnist.


In 2010, The Red County Caucus made its first impact upon the Maine political landscape with its endorsement of then candidate Paul R. LePage. The RCC endorsement is viewed by many as a pivotal moment in the 2010 primary race that helped to propel the Mayor of Waterville to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination and eventually the Governorship. To this day, those who claim to stand for conservative principles must pass the litmus test of the Red County.


It is with these principles in mind, that The Red County Caucus unanimously endorses Senator Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016. We find that Mr. Cruz is a man of strong moral fiber, a man of steadfast conviction, honest, unashamed of his God, his faith, and his family. He has proven that it these things that he treasures above all and, therefore, we stand convinced that he would tirelessly defend those selfsame treasures that we also hold so dear.


He has defended the precepts of the Constitution and our Free Republic before the Supreme Court with tenacity, prevailing against all odds. Then in the United States Senate, despite a barrage of criticism from the media and members of his own Party, he has continued to defend the God-given Constitutional rights of all Americans.


Furthermore, We, The Red County Caucus, believe firmly that the solutions for a return to greatness in our beloved Nation are not found in one man. Those solutions are found in the citizens of this great Republic whose only impediment to success is a government that restricts our freedom and does not honor our rights. We believe that Senator Ted Cruz, as the next President of the United States of America, will work to lessen the power of government and return that power where it belongs, with “We The People.”


The Honorable Paul Davis-Maine State Senator District 4

The Honorable Peter Johnson- former Maine State Representative

The Honorable Doug Smith- former Maine State Senator

Andy Torbett-The Maine Conservative Voice

Constitutional Carry Bill Shows Promise

A Constitutional Carry bill in the Maine State Senate shows great promise as it begins its march through the legislature. Originally sponsored by Senator Eric Brakey (R-Auburn), the bill enjoys nearly 100 co-sponsors. If passed it most assuredly will be signed by the Governor and Maine will join Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and, surprise, Vermont in legalizing both concealed and open carry without permit.  Maine enjoys strong support for the 2nd Amendment by voters across party lines.

TMCV has previously posted its support for this bill but cautioned that there was a need to make sure there was language in the bill to protect and preserve the present Concealed Carry permitting process so as to not nullify reciprocity with other States, who may not honor Constitutional Carry but still reciprocate, honor, Maine’s Concealed Carry permit.  Sources close to the bill have assured TMCV that there is language in the bill that protects reciprocity for Concealed Carry permit holders and keeps the permitting process for those who need to have Concealed Carry permits honored in other States.  This is important as several individuals have contacted TMCV concerned that the Constitutional Carry, if passed, would invalidate their permits making them vulnerable to arrest in States that they do business.

Before the start of this legislative session, TMCV contacted our local State Senator, Paul Davis (R-Sangerville), and passed the several concerns that had been expressed to us.  Senator Davis sponsored a bill that would have worked to protect Concealed Carry reciprocity.  This past weekend I spoke with Paul Davis to get an update of the different issues facing our State and, as it pertains to Constitutional Carry, he felt that, as long as reciprocity was protected, Brakey’s Constitutional Carry bill was the better bill and he was lending his full support to it, with the caveat that reciprocity must be protected.

With cautious optimism, TMCV believes that there is a good chance this bill will be passed.  This sends a strong message to the rest of the Nation that the 2nd Amendment and the citizens right to self-defense resonates across party lines amongst voters even as some in the political realm persist in making it a partisan issue. Let’s Set Maine Free!