A 2nd Too Far?


It seems in a moment, a second, our Nation has been turned upside down. What was once called right is now called wrong. What was once Freedoms to be cherished and defended are now archaic abuses better regulated by the government.

The insanity we see festering across our Nation has even found it’s way to our rural communities in Maine. Here in Piscataquis County, those vying to hold political office are struggling to grasp the ideals of Freedom that shaped the foundation of this great Republic. This is an area of Maine long know for it’s conservative, traditional ideals, but some would wish those ideals away from our communities.

My dear friend, Patty Davis, was gathering signatures recently in support of the 2nd Amendment here in Piscataquis County. She approached two candidates for political office from the Democrat Party, Sue Mackey Andrews and Dr. Richard Evans, running for Senate and House of Representatives respectively, and asked them for their signatures. Both declined with the stated reason that the “2nd Amendment goes too far”.

The 2nd Amendment protects our Natural Born Right to self-defense, to bear and to keep arms or armaments to protect us from government, which has a repeated history of abuses towards the governed. Our Founders were keenly aware of this pattern of abuses by governments throughout history and believed that a well armed populace was the best way to keep government, which is prone towards corruption, in check, a backstop, if you will. Understanding that utopia is the hope we all strive for, the Founders knew that the reality we all must live in while we search for the Lion and the Lamb requires at times a weapon to protect us from the wolf.

But Ms. Andrews and Dr. Evans’ message to rural Maine is that your Natural Born Right to self-defense goes to far. Which part of this Right would they like us to abdicate? Who would be the moderating force to curtail our out-of-control 2nd Amendment?

Ms. Andrews and Dr. Evans are simply touting the Democrat Party mantra. Government is the convening authority over Freedoms. Individuality and independence should be measured out at the discretion of bureaucracy in the new Democrat Socialist view.

The mask is off the Democrats like never before. A self-reliant, self-made, and self-defended citizen is the “too far” the Democrats decry, too far out of the control of Government. They prefer a controlled citizenry.

Here in rural Maine, there is one thing we think goes too far. A government, a politician, or a candidate that would tell a man or woman what weapon or in what way to defend themselves. That goes too far!

-Andy Torbett


Monday Irony

Nike, Levi’s, and the NFL must have decided they didn’t have that many God-fearing, gun-totin”, Flag-lovin’, Patriotic American customers and come to find out, they were right! They don’t…now!

Through the Conservative Prism: Primary Postmortem


It’s been awhile since I have written anything. I have been a little preoccupied with local issues up here the Wilderness, which has culminated in my being called out by name in the local paper by a millionaire liberal, who has been buying up large tracts of land in small rural Maine towns and decimating their economies by putting these landholdings in tax exempt or tax preferred programs, thereby depleting small town Maine’s tenuous tax base. Needless to say, said millionaire liberal doesn’t like my propensity to lay down the facts and not care a rat’s hairy hindquarters what he thinks of the revelations.

In some measure, I suppose I should feel flattered. It’s the first time I’ve had my name in the headlines. And still, given that it was not the front page, I have room to grow, goals still to aspire to.

But that propensity aforementioned has been a thorn in the gamy rotting flesh of the political establishment since I became political active, putting my written voice to many a, yes, thorny political issue causing no small discomfort to those who clutch and grasp at power like wizened old wraiths. It is easy then to understand why the “thorn” is tolerated during the election cycle in order to capitalize on the zeal, then quickly discarded after goals have been realized and a dissenting voice must be marginalized. Lessons are learned, mistrust a gift cherished, and the realization that the freedom to make your own call should not be lightly relinquished.

So then the primary. I have always called myself a Conservative with Libertarian leanings. I rarely mention this anymore as those within the Libertarian ranks, especially in Maine, find “leanings” offensive to the purity of the political ideology to the point of threats of violent retribution to those who transgress the “issue du jour”, which given the myriad of Libertarian factions the political vassal can spend a continuum paying homage and reparations for the endless cycle of transgressions.

So then this primary. I chose to endorse the candidate that I felt was the closest to my core value system which was not the establishment pick. My candidate came up short.

Now, as Conservative, I am faced with an evaluation of can my core value system support the nominee the Republican establishment has given us? In the light of what alternatives are left to the future of this great State, the answer is pretty clear, we must, all conservatives, unite to support Shawn Moody for Governor. All questions must be set aside, our goal must be fixed, and we cannot lose ground.

I regarded Mr. Moody as a blank slate, a dubious record at best. In the issues that matter most, this nominee has secured endorsements from individuals whose records are clear and worthy of trust. These should be assurances we need.

The 2nd Amendment has been the lightning rod throughout this cycle, although the rhetoric has evolved into an assault on the whole of the Constitution. During the primary, Jeff Zimba vouched for Mr. Moody’s support for gun rights, when questions arose on his stance. For all of us who have fought for and cherish our Natural Born Right to self-defense, Mr. Zimba has a proven record we can trust and his word should be enough.

Moody has assured us that he will defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These Documents defend the fundamental rights stamped into us from the spark of life and we must expect every political leader to honor them. Now, it is time to put the shoulder to the harness and get Shawn Moody to the Blaine House. Let’s Set Maine Free!

The Unmasking: This is the Democrat Party


Whether immersed in complete insanity or unfettered hubris, the Democrat Party has called its own bluff and laid their cards on the table. The unmasking of the Democrat Party has been accomplished by a voting populace, whom the Democrats’ disdain could barely acknowledge and whose unrelenting pressure has caused the full reveal of the monster that lay beneath the aging political facade. Even while those within the beast misdirect their rage for this public discovery at the unrelenting President, whom these unrelenting voters have elected to be their representation in the White House, the realization has settled into the tentacles of the scaly serpent that slithers through the gilded halls of capital buildings throughout this Republic; There will be no mid-term blue wave this fall.

Some candidates, such as Jared Golden Democrat candidate for House in CD 2, are publicly admitting their dire realizations of disastrous results for their Party in the coming election. Perhaps it is a sudden awareness that Americans are a lot more American than Democrats anticipated. The lid has come off the Democrat Cauldron and the anti-American hatred that has been seething, boiling, and festering beneath the cover has come gurgling forth into open to the disgust and revulsion of the American people.

Guise and subterfuge have been all but dismantled by a self-inflicted demolition of unhinged obsessive rage at a President who doesn’t play the game. The heat of passion and adversity often reveal true character or lack thereof. The truth of the Democrat Party has been laid bare before the Nation to its own undoing.

As I have stated before, the 2nd Amendment would be the divining issue in this election. I still believe that is true. Democrats have declared all out war on the 2nd Amendment’s protection of the Natural Born

Right to self-defense. An armed America that disdains their revealed lunacies has driven Democrats to frenzied, untethered behavior. It is an armed populace that calls a halt to the most heinous of plans by the leftists.

The armed citizens also lend protection to the rest of the Constitution, which has come under renewed brazen open attacks by Democrats. They no longer mince words when decrying the Constitution as the single largest encumbrance to their Marxist agenda. The despise an America that, to their surprise, still believes in the freedoms of the people and the constraining of government.

On our borders, the Democrats are openly calling for literal invasions of illegal immigrants into this country, overwhelming our undermanned border patrols. Our President has put a stop to it. Through Executive Order, he has also put a stop to the humanitarian issue of separating families that was created by the last President’s administration.

This Order sent the issue to Congress so that they could create legislation, which would fix the problem. Democrats, as a united voting block, voted down the measure that would have kept immigrant families together. This was in obedience to Chuck Schumer’s directive to vote against any legislation which solves the immigration problem, as the Democrat leader wants to use it for a campaign issue. Exploitation at its flaming apex.

The Democrats are electing socialist candidates who openly call for free entitlements for illegal immigrants and high taxation of citizens to pay for it. Democrats are openly demanding that our salaries and earnings belong to them. They want “their” tax dollars back, despite the boom the tax cuts have been to the economy.

Democrats are calling for mobs to attack members of the President’s administration, calling on people to harass them in their personal time with families, and even giving addresses to their private homes. They have called for riots, bombings, rapes and murders of the President’s family. All this unhinged behavior, whether of intent or hyperbole, has drained the well of the American patience and tolerance, and offended the sense of common decency we most embrace.

Socialists control the populace by force. That’s why they hate the 2nd Amendment. Under the past administration, they were near to realizing a control through force of government. The revolution of the people in this past election caught Democrats off guard.

Now in desperation, they are resorting to force by violence. The mask is off and the intent to destroy this Republic is not hidden anymore. This coming election may have incidents which will be marked as dark days in our history.

Let us not relent. Do not revel in their tantrums and content with one victory. Remain engaged and meet their force of violence with our steady resolve to see this Republic restored.