Lethal Weapon


The cry of decency has been buried beneath the din of opportunism and exploitation. The decent man has been forced into battle to protect his rights when he would prefer silence to honor the dead. The onslaught is upon us, trampling the graves that have yet to be filled with the fallen.

But is was inevitable. The shameless have become predictable, bludgeoning Americans into a dull, numb apathy. We are a tired, we are worn, and we are sick of being blamed for the monstrosities of every madman.

It was interesting to hear a recent caller to radio program insist that he enlighten the listening world that one should see by looking at a black rifle that it is designed to kill. Yes, all guns are designed to kill just as knives are designed to cut and hammers are designed to pound. A weapon’s efficiency does not preclude it from use.

So, predictably, we are here again, reminding the willfully ignorant that the Second Amendment is not for hunting or sport, but it is the fail-safe our Founders acknowledged in protecting our Natural Born Right to self-defense against the most lethal weapon of all, government. They knew that a government without the restraint of the people is by its own very nature oppressive. It must put down dissent to ensure its own survival.

This writer is a gun owner but in no wise an expert. I am just now understanding what a bump stock is. I do know, with strong conviction, that the people must have weapons that level the field with the government. This the purpose of the Second Amendment; to insure a government that fears the people.

Every government that has taken the Natural Born Right of the people to self-defense away has always perpetrated violence upon those citizens. Any voice of dissent by the populace is squashed with violence. This is without exception. So remember this simple truth as these redundant arguments boil and regurgitate again; the most lethal weapon on this earth is armed government unrestrained by an disarmed citizens.


Q3 Postmortem


My children are looking forward with great anticipation for the next installment of the Star Wars franchise. The idea of the rag-tag warriors battling against insurmountable odds and somehow winning has captivated viewers the world over and my family is no exception. In reality, Maine participated in its very own “star wars saga” this past election cycle, complete with dark lord, rag-tag army, and the obligatory insurmountable odds.

For those who have questioned where yours truly of TMCV was during this election cycle, suffice to say my usual role of heard but not seen was relegated further to not heard and not seen. My voice was behind the phone calls and my person behind the door knocking as I was the NRA’s field coordinator for the ground effort to defeat Bloomberg’s Question Three. Now emerging from my bunker, I thought I would deliver a postmortem on the battle with some reflections on our victory.

As I mentioned in an interview with Guns.com, this victory belongs to the people of Maine. Despite a barrage of false information and relentless attempts (almost 6 million worth) to browbeat and shame the voters of Maine into giving up their natural born right to self-defense, Maine people held secure to their mooring of common sense and withstood the storm. It is real testament to the resiliency of Maine’s independent spirit to stand in the face of the dark lord himself, Bloomberg, his media machine, and local minions who were willing to betray their own state to gain favor with a politician from New York City, still, with all the odds stacked against them, the people of Maine stood resolute.

David Trahan was the face of the resistance, the tip of the spear in the fight to push back Bloomberg’s invasion into Maine. The countless hours spent, funds raised locally, and the many dogged challenges to the false narratives spun by the media were done by this man and his great staff at Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. The battle would not have been won without David’s team at SAM.

The spear really was by the end of the battle a trident, with my small contribution at the end, but the second invaluable point of Maine’s defense was Gun Owner’s of Maine. Todd Tolhurst and the GOME “rag-tag” army spread out all over the state to get the message out and combat the Bloomberg machine. Again, without this army of pickup trucks, gun owners, and hunters fanning out into the hi ways and byways of Maine spreading the message person by person this battle would not have been won.

As for me, my job was below the radar. I was coordinating phone banks and canvassing events. While we were late to the battle, I am glad the NRA funded this battle front and we were able to make inroads into the enemy assault.

As for reflections, we know that Bloomberg is coming back. His fixation with limiting the natural born rights of his fellow citizens consumes him. So how to we prepare to meet him.

First at a grassroots level, we need to expose the dishonest polling data that Everytown for Gun Safety uses to mislead the public. This activist organization has been caught repeatedly skewing or flat out lying with their polling data. I have some articles in the works on that.

The police chiefs who endorsed Q3 and failed to let the public know they were on the board of the activist group that sponsored the referendum should at the very least have their lack of ethics and conflict of interests exposed. Perhaps, this sort of thing can be investigated? I’m sure there are those who better understand the nuances of these things, but be assured that Bloomberg’s storm troopers will be used again, if not discredited.

Fund-raising! If we know he’s coming back, we better start stockpiling now. If you thought 6 mil was a tsunami, wait until he doubles it.

Finally, continue to build on the network we’ve established. Look at town results. If there are towns we should have done better that we were weak, let’s shore those up! Yes, let’s strengthen our defenses so that when Bloomberg comes, we’ll have a Welcome Party waiting for him.

Hunting for a Blind


Throughout this battle over the Universal Background Checks referendum here in Maine there has been a recurrent question asked with a thematic persistence. “What about ‘shall not be infringed’ and ‘never be questioned’ don’t they understand?” The simple answer is many don’t understand and some have found that a feigned lack of understanding is a convenient blind to mask a far more insidious agenda.

For instance, the now infamous picture of Emily Cain dressed in full layered flannel and fleece hunting garb, fresh and crisp from the package, in the sweltering August sun smiling through the dripping sweat to say she supports the “right to hunt” has confounded and bemused Mainers to say the least. The immediate reaction from Maine sportsmen was to remind Ms. Cain, in no uncertain terms, that in her own Dukakis moment she had forgotten that the Second Amendment refers to the Right to Bear and Keep Arms not the “right to hunt”. Still, Cain’s lack of knowledge or omission by design is not the fundamental flaw with anti-gun elitists approach to the Second Amendment.

By relegating the Second Amendment to a written statement which grants citizens the “right to hunt”, gun haters attempt to not only narrow the protective scope of the Bill of Rights but also try to intimate that the rights we so cherish are provided for by the Amendments in question, and therefore, can be haggled over by lawyers and wordsmiths. Nothing is further from the truth. As it pertains to this debate, the Second Amendment is not the “grantor” of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It is the “protector” of the this Right, which our Founding Fathers viewed as a Natural Born Right, a God-Given Right.

The “shall not be infringed” wordage in the Second Amendment was intended to be the walls on the outer perimeter, a bulwark if you will, to protect this most treasured Right. The Natural Born Right of the citizen to protect his or her family, wealth, home, and things treasured against the aggression of government and the tyranny of those elitist who believe that their wealth and station in life is the prerogative by which they can use that wealth and means to rescind or deter their fellow citizens of this Natural Born Right to protect and retain their own wealth. We now see this aggression being played out before us here in Maine.

Bloomberg and those who are on his payroll are so blinded by their self-importance they cannot fathom that those they hold in lower esteem would not except their opinions as superseding that of the Natural Order ordained by God. So sure are they of their self-worth, Bloomberg and associates are willing to come into our lands and our homes and launch millions of dollars in a barrage against the bulwark that protects our Natural Born Right to self defense. In the end, it is nothing more than the age-old attempt of a wealthy baron trying to bring those he deems lesser then him into subjugation.

Yes, behind all the blinds, the end goal is about subjugation. It is left to us, the citizens of Maine, to decide whether we will allow such arrogance to defeat us or will we defend the bulwark that protects our greatest treasures. Let the breakers crash upon its venerable walls. We The People will remain steadfast in the maintenance of the grand bulwark, the Second Amendment, for behind its immovable presence is treasure of our Natural Born Right to self-defense given and ordained by God Almighty.

Emily Cain, Red Flannel Sweat, and the Dukakis Helmet


Those moments that define who we are. What we do means more than what we say. And you can’t pull that crap and get away with it in the 2nd District, Emily Cain.

Maybe its because Emily Cain has just returned from a wine tasting tour with Nancy Pelosi on the left coast of California to garner more campaign contributions from the Hollywood elites that has caused her to be unaware that it is blistering hot here in Maine right now. It must be the reason, because why else would someone decide to go out for a photo-op shooting lesson dressed in a thick red plaid flannel shirt, still sporting the fresh-outta-the-wrapper creases, layered under another spanking shiny new, did I mention thick, blaze orange hunting vest under the hot, yes very hot, August sun. If you noticed the awkward position of the “instructor” standing next to her, its probably because he’s trying to avoid stepping in the pool of sweat rippling around Ms. Cain’s most likely insulated L.L. Bean hunting boots, store tags in tow, gathering from the rivulets of perspiration coursing down her hypocritical person.

Obviously Ms. Cain is desperate to prove to the common sense voters of the 2nd District in Maine that she is one of them. Unfortunately for her, most Mainers know that no one in their right mind would go out on a sweltering hot August day to target shoot dressed to the flannel hilt for a bird hunt in October. There is humor here to be had for sure were it not for the condescending insult to the voters of CD 2.

No picture in a sweat drenched hunting outfit is going to convince voters of her love for guns when Emily Cain’s voting record screams otherwise. Furthermore her sudden stalwart defense of the “right to hunt” exposes her complete and indefensible disregard for the reasons for the 2nd Amendment. The first and foremost being a defense against a government that has lost an understanding and respect for the purpose of the Constitution and, therefore, has become a danger to the citizens. Hunting is way down the list.

While Ms. Cain should be reminded hunters wear multiple layers during hunting months of October and November because its cold, not in August to create a portable sauna, she should also be reminded that the Maine State Constitution takes the 2nd Amendment one step further by demanding that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be questioned. Once Ms. Cain has peeled off her soggy flannel propaganda attire, she’ll need to explain to the Maine residents why she has questioned that fundamental right on numerous occasions.

I suppose we should thank Emily Cain for interjecting some much needed comic relief into a election cycle that has been rife with despair. One cannot look at the heat shimmers emanating from the multi-layers of flannel campaign photog draped over Ms. Cain’s shoulders and not have it invoke images of Michael Dukakis… and an army helmet he should never have put on.