Silence is Golden: The Embodiment


Maine is blessed with pristine vistas where souls can find their quiet repose and reflection. The soothing sounds of nature, while rejuvenating, prove to us that in the silence of the forest it is nearly impossible, even in the whisper of the wind and the chirp of the chickadee, to find complete silence. And yet, Jared Golden has managed to achieve the impossible.

As the sound of shuttering death, the slam of the doors of venerable, generational establishments of private enterprise in Maine reaches a deafening cacophony under the heavy misguided hand of Governor Mills , there has nary been a peep from the less than Honorable Jared Golden. The Second Congressional District, which he represents, stands to have irrevocable damage done to its fragile economies as the Governor crushes them beneath her mindless heel, yet not even the customary whimper of Democrat talking points from the Congressman. Mr. Golden has become the embodiment of fearful silence; hidden, cowering, and invisible.

One would expect, as CD2 is facing impending doom from the barrage of Draconian measures from his Party, that Golden would at least have a trembling prepared statement in her defense. Is it too much to ask for a Congressman from rural Maine to have the backbone to stand against Nancy Pelosi and Governor Mills to speak in our behalf? But Behold!, fellow Mainers, Representative Golden has managed the courage to vote, in pensive, furtive subjection, to have someone else vote for him.

-Andy Torbett TMCV

Monday Irony

Monday Irony is, at this point, overwhelmed with the sheer volume that the Irony Machine, which is the Democrat Party, is able to mass produce in its frenzy to disparage this Nation, which has opened its doors to shelter the world’s refugees, granting them citizenship, and even allowing them to run for political office, as the most racist and heartless Nation on the earth. To hear and see the smoke, clatter, and clang of the gears and cogs of the Democrat Irony Machine chugging and sputtering out a never ending litany of double standards, has the average citizen, who remains moored to common sense, at a loss to understand why the wide eyed froth to hold office in a Nation they hate and which missive, in the mound of moronic irony, to mock.