Battle lines are drawn. The NRA is the target du-jour of the litany of Democrat Presidential candidates, vying for boldest denouncement of the millions of armed, peaceful, and law-abiding citizens in America. Six million strong, this large sector of the American public is an easy target for these “bold” politicians to threaten fearlessly; after all, they are law-abiding.

Not one of these six million plus members of the NRA has ever committed mass murder, though gun control advocates have waited with bated breath for the first offense. In lieu of a specific scapegoat, leaders with “vision”, under the haze of ambiguity, have chosen to smear the entirety of the NRA membership as killers. With every tragic massacre that stains our troubled Nation, it’s a tactic of old: hang the guilt of the demented on the guiltless.

Joe Biden has sworn to destroy the NRA. As the Democrats present their “fresh, new look”, did the Former Vice-President have a “senior moment” and forget that the NRA is made up of U.S. Citizens? The NRA leadership, he despises so much, are duly elected by those members.

Joe Biden may be better served to pinch himself, rather than passing members of the opposite sex, and wake back to the reality that the 2nd Amendment was set in place to protect the citizens’ Natural Born Right to Self-Defense against a government that seeks their harm, specifically people groups that have fallen out of favor with said government. The 2nd was designed to stop Mr. Biden’s plan of destruction.

There is history. Realizing that much of our history has been largely rewritten, digging deep into history is necessary.. There is some mention, some might recall, of another politician, some years back in another place, who targeted six million people for destruction.

-Andy Torbett

One Nation Under….Water?


Are we “one Nation under God”…or not?  The Democrat Party made a strong bid recently to state emphatically that we are not.  While the Party, whose symbol is an ass, keeps making overtures to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law, it also made a point of attacking the very foundation of this great Christian Nation.  The Democrat Party voted at their convention to remove God and Jerusalem from their Party platform.  After the inevitable outrage from the U.S. citizens materialized, leadership at the convention forced a vote to put God back in.  But the DNC delegates protested the re-entrance of God to their Party with a loud, raucous chorus of “Boos”.

The United States balances on the brink of our own demise.  Our economy is so shaken that it can hardly take much more of the inept leadership we have seen from Liberals.  We are in great danger of rounding the point of no return.  And the first order of business for the Democrat Party is to kick God out?  The next is to insult and attack one of our closest and trusted allies, Israel?

With the true unemployment rate at 19%, the President still continues to ignore those trying to give him advice on the matters of job creation.  He has spent four years wasting the American people’s time and now has the audacity to speak to the voters asking for a second chance, hoping he might change.  He brought Bill Clinton up to ask Americans for a “do-over”.  Even Joe Biden has been channeling Bill Clinton with biker chicks in diners, all of this with a Nation in crisis.

To all of my good, God-fearing friends who are Democrats, we share the same core values that made this Nation great.  As you look at your Party and wonder what happened to have changed it so drastically, think about what you truly believe in your heart.  Think about the things you hold dear and want to pass on to your children and grandchildren, peace, prosperity, the respect of God, Country and love of family.  These are things this last Democrat convention seemed to ignore or reject.  It is a true saying that the Nation, which is no longer “under God”, will no longer be “indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

The Cusp, a Hurdle and a Whole Lot of Jargon


The Cusp, a Hurdle and a Whole Lot of Jargon


Fielding a recall on your own damaged goods and trying to sell the same product back to the very public who has grown tired of the brand and its failures is a very taxing and delicate dance for any public relations expert to perform.  Liberalism and the progressive movement find themselves in this very awkward position as election season unfurls before us.  While all the while clamoring publicly for the need to retake control of Maine’s political landscape, Democrats have struggled to put candidates on the ballot.  Many individuals are very uncomfortable with carrying the label Democrat into an election season when the party has done so much to damage its own image.

From direct attacks on small business to refusing to allow our military personnel the time they need to vote, many Democrats are cringing at the thought of having to hawk torn, smashed and dented cans to the public above market value prices. With the President more interested in Jet’s quarterbacks than the economy, Cynthia Dill raising money off the bodies of the Aurora victims, a Vice-Presidential gaff machine and a President, who has lately taken to quoting and emphasizing the “gaff machine” as policy, it’s no wonder that some are bolting the Democrat party in disgust.

The Democrats have effectively used the media for years to hide and sell their damaged goods.  But even the media has run out of lies to cover the stench of the rotting trademark of European Socialism.  So Angus King and his Democrat Party have had to come up with a new way to exploit the people.

A friend of mine, Jason Savage, has come up with their new title and I think it is the perfect description, stealth Democrats.  Duck and cover politics is nothing new but blatantly sending out your own as sacrificial lambs to institute your “new look” is a concept only a monarch with King’s arrogance could deploy within a democracy.  With liberalism on such decline and in need of drastic measures to survive, one would think that the Conservative movement in Maine would stand encouraged, united and on the cusp of a significant victory for the freedom of the State of Maine…one would think.

One would expect that such an opportunity to firmly establish the tenets of a fiscally conservative government and root them in this landscape so that the bleak, grey and lifeless canvass of Maine’s economy can once again blossom with the vibrancy of color provided by the prosperity of a free market would not be lost to conservatives.  One would think that we could set aside our petty differences and coalesce under the banner that we all believe in.  Perhaps we can jump the hurdle of sectarianism, set aside the accusatory jargon and phraseology and focus on exposing the lies of a very dangerous man in Angus King.  It would seem with so much at stake, that we could carve a little time out of poking one another in the eye to unify for the looming battle.  The battle will come, whether we face it or have our backs up.  Because its our job, Let’s Set Maine Free!