Stating The Obvious: Lies By Silence



“Why should Maine taxpayers, who are having a hard time keeping a roof over their head and food on the table, be subsidizing cars that are this expensive?”  Senator Doug Thomas raised this question in response to the latest tax break for the wealthy scheme by the Democrats.  Tax breaks for the wealthy, you ask, by the Democrats?  Yes, it is actually more the norm than you would think.

Republicans have long been labeled the Party for the rich because they believe in incentives for business to create wealth that in turn creates jobs.  Democrats also believe in creating wealth, their own at your expense. It’s bought and paid for by the American taxpayer.

That is why Maine Democrats have sponsored a bill that would give tax subsidies or tax breaks to people who buy electric cars.  And by their own admission, it is only the very rich that can afford these cars.  Yet the media is strangely silent when the Democrats cater to the rich.  Or the lies by silence when the President sells access to himself for $500,000 a person. So it begs the question, why?

Why, when the Democrats have done everything in their power to avoid paying the hospitals of Maine?  What have Democrats got against paying their bills?  Hospitals such as Eastern Maine Medical and Mayo Regional are staggering underneath a mountain of unpaid medical expenses, forced upon them by legislative mandates.  The Governor has come up with a plan to pay them off.  The Democrats’ counter plan is to do nothing.  They refuse to pay the hospitals and are trying to block or stall the Governor from implementing his plan, which would pay the debt to our medical institutions.  Why?

In the real world, if a strong man came to your community and forced a local institution to provide a service to your community at a loss of profit but promised to pay restitution to the institution for the service they were being forced to give in writing by legal contract, and then never paid that institution, yet continues to force that institution to provide that service at a loss.  What would that be considered?  A crime.  The Democrats have no intention of paying their contractual obligation to Maine hospitals, but while we’re on the subject of money and legislation, they would like to force you through legislation to buy their rich friends some electric cars.  Just another crime against the people of Maine.

Stating the Obvious

The truth has to be told. The truth deserves an audience. Much has been made of the Governor’s recent comments referring to newspapers as his greatest fear. While most in the media have mocked this statement with much derision, it would be wise for us as citizens to pause and take stock in the message the Governor is trying to convey to the State. The media has a vested interest in their disdain for the Governor but the residents should take a much more unfiltered and less prejudice view of his words.
Even a grade school study of history renders many stories of such great civilizations that have fallen by the manipulation of knowledge. Oftentimes what is told to the populace is not so dangerous as what is not. There is a great ideological battle waging for the freedom of information we take for granted. Truth and knowledge is the pivot on which this battle turns.
The 1960’s and 1970’s saw rise to great social turmoil. The “establishment” was questioned and reviled at every level. Our capitalistic society was demonized by the youth on many of America’s college campuses. Many of those youth now hold the power in our country. Many now control the print and visual media of our Nation. Much of their intent in legislative work and through the media is to tear down the capitalist framework of our nation. It is a framework most of us hold dear, but something that the “me generation” despises.
So, ironically, these that now hold power over information have become guilty of committing the very sins against their fellow man that they accused the so-called establishment of during riotous 60’s and 70’s. The media blocks anything in print and in video that could cause disruption to an established agenda set by the Democrat Party. There is much evidence to prove this, too much in fact, to fit into one column.
This is simply the introduction into what will be a several week series on the many blatant omissions by the major media outlets in Maine and nationally. The Governor was merely stating the obvious and soon it will be clear to any that read these subsequent columns, that many in the media have put their own political interests above the futures of the people of Maine. And, yes, Mr. Governor, that is indeed something to fear, not what we do know, what we don’t know.

The Cusp, a Hurdle and a Whole Lot of Jargon


The Cusp, a Hurdle and a Whole Lot of Jargon


Fielding a recall on your own damaged goods and trying to sell the same product back to the very public who has grown tired of the brand and its failures is a very taxing and delicate dance for any public relations expert to perform.  Liberalism and the progressive movement find themselves in this very awkward position as election season unfurls before us.  While all the while clamoring publicly for the need to retake control of Maine’s political landscape, Democrats have struggled to put candidates on the ballot.  Many individuals are very uncomfortable with carrying the label Democrat into an election season when the party has done so much to damage its own image.

From direct attacks on small business to refusing to allow our military personnel the time they need to vote, many Democrats are cringing at the thought of having to hawk torn, smashed and dented cans to the public above market value prices. With the President more interested in Jet’s quarterbacks than the economy, Cynthia Dill raising money off the bodies of the Aurora victims, a Vice-Presidential gaff machine and a President, who has lately taken to quoting and emphasizing the “gaff machine” as policy, it’s no wonder that some are bolting the Democrat party in disgust.

The Democrats have effectively used the media for years to hide and sell their damaged goods.  But even the media has run out of lies to cover the stench of the rotting trademark of European Socialism.  So Angus King and his Democrat Party have had to come up with a new way to exploit the people.

A friend of mine, Jason Savage, has come up with their new title and I think it is the perfect description, stealth Democrats.  Duck and cover politics is nothing new but blatantly sending out your own as sacrificial lambs to institute your “new look” is a concept only a monarch with King’s arrogance could deploy within a democracy.  With liberalism on such decline and in need of drastic measures to survive, one would think that the Conservative movement in Maine would stand encouraged, united and on the cusp of a significant victory for the freedom of the State of Maine…one would think.

One would expect that such an opportunity to firmly establish the tenets of a fiscally conservative government and root them in this landscape so that the bleak, grey and lifeless canvass of Maine’s economy can once again blossom with the vibrancy of color provided by the prosperity of a free market would not be lost to conservatives.  One would think that we could set aside our petty differences and coalesce under the banner that we all believe in.  Perhaps we can jump the hurdle of sectarianism, set aside the accusatory jargon and phraseology and focus on exposing the lies of a very dangerous man in Angus King.  It would seem with so much at stake, that we could carve a little time out of poking one another in the eye to unify for the looming battle.  The battle will come, whether we face it or have our backs up.  Because its our job, Let’s Set Maine Free!

About Face, Two Faced

The Bangor Daily News took Governor LePage to task for his “gestapo”comment and then went on a vitriol laced rampage themselves.  It’s amazing the freedom one gives themselves when one is blinded to their own shortcomings.  I believe the Bible says something to the effect of taking the beam out of your own eye before your try and take the speck out of another’s.