Stating The Obvious: Lies By Silence



“Why should Maine taxpayers, who are having a hard time keeping a roof over their head and food on the table, be subsidizing cars that are this expensive?”  Senator Doug Thomas raised this question in response to the latest tax break for the wealthy scheme by the Democrats.  Tax breaks for the wealthy, you ask, by the Democrats?  Yes, it is actually more the norm than you would think.

Republicans have long been labeled the Party for the rich because they believe in incentives for business to create wealth that in turn creates jobs.  Democrats also believe in creating wealth, their own at your expense. It’s bought and paid for by the American taxpayer.

That is why Maine Democrats have sponsored a bill that would give tax subsidies or tax breaks to people who buy electric cars.  And by their own admission, it is only the very rich that can afford these cars.  Yet the media is strangely silent when the Democrats cater to the rich.  Or the lies by silence when the President sells access to himself for $500,000 a person. So it begs the question, why?

Why, when the Democrats have done everything in their power to avoid paying the hospitals of Maine?  What have Democrats got against paying their bills?  Hospitals such as Eastern Maine Medical and Mayo Regional are staggering underneath a mountain of unpaid medical expenses, forced upon them by legislative mandates.  The Governor has come up with a plan to pay them off.  The Democrats’ counter plan is to do nothing.  They refuse to pay the hospitals and are trying to block or stall the Governor from implementing his plan, which would pay the debt to our medical institutions.  Why?

In the real world, if a strong man came to your community and forced a local institution to provide a service to your community at a loss of profit but promised to pay restitution to the institution for the service they were being forced to give in writing by legal contract, and then never paid that institution, yet continues to force that institution to provide that service at a loss.  What would that be considered?  A crime.  The Democrats have no intention of paying their contractual obligation to Maine hospitals, but while we’re on the subject of money and legislation, they would like to force you through legislation to buy their rich friends some electric cars.  Just another crime against the people of Maine.

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