A King’s Ransom


Beneath the shadow world of deceit, there lays a river flowing with truths that Maine’s own King of Lies keeps shrouded in the clouds of obscurity so none can know his true identity.  This is the description of a man and his allies, who have used half-truths and lies to hold the people of Maine hostage to their agenda.

The Maine Conservative Voice was recently interviewed by a reporter working for a paper in Washington D.C.  The reporter aptly described the concerns of many Conservatives, who view Maine’s political landscape from afar.  He asked the difficult question of what hope did Maine conservatives have of defeating Angus King, when his close friend, Donald Sussman, owns three-quarters of this State’s media outlets.  On the surface, there is certainly a daunting task that awaits the grass-roots conservative revolution that has been fighting for Maine’s freedom.  Governor King has built for himself a veritable citadel of liberal stalwarts and Democrat fundraisers, who are more than willing to do his bidding.

Maine’s own monarch is at the forefront of the latest mutation of the Democrat Party.  The age of European liberalism, socialism and the progressive agenda has begun to show despite the constant polishing and burnishing of the Democrat party and their media allies.  The rust is starting to appear in ways that can’t be hidden on the old model being driven into the ground.  The Democrats are hopelessly in love with the old rust bucket and can’t bring themselves to sever the relationship to trade for a working model.  It’s time for another paint job.

Angus King has provided the Party, whose symbol is an ass, the blueprint to revitalizing their brand.  The people of Maine are fiercely independent.  King has cloaked himself in the shroud of independence all the while using it as a blind for his leftist agenda. The Democrat party has all but abandoned Cynthia Dill in its quest for new marketing slogan.  Many local State races have similar scenarios; a candidate with strong ties to the Democrat party is placed on the ticket as an independent, meanwhile, the Democrats field another “Cynthia Dill” beside them as the sacrificial lamb to complete the ruse.  The switch is made.  Democrats are the new “independents” and their rust bucket lives on, until the new coat of paint wears off.  And then another King or Queen will initiate another mutation under the cloak of media silence.

So back to the question, where is the hope for Maine?  Why, it’s you and me.  Maine’s government subsidized wind-farm tycoon hasn’t fully got his silencing tentacles around the Internet yet.  His Democrat party is trying but they haven’t yet succeeded.  They can’t control word of mouth, though they try intimidation.  The truth be told is the answer indeed.

Maine’s conservatives outnumber their liberal and leftist antagonists.  Their problem is that conservatives seem loath to unify.  They followed the strong leadership of Governor Lepage not so long ago.  They must take the next step in the maturation of their revolution.  Unify for a goal, against a threat and for the truth.  Angus King has held Maine ransom for his own selfish agenda for far too long.  This should be the rallying point for conservative and true independent Maine people.  Governor King is a master of gimmicks, as exemplified in his latest motorcycle tour of Maine.  We cannot afford to allow him to distract us from our one singular goal.  Let’s Set Maine Free!

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