One Nation Under….Water?


Are we “one Nation under God”…or not?  The Democrat Party made a strong bid recently to state emphatically that we are not.  While the Party, whose symbol is an ass, keeps making overtures to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law, it also made a point of attacking the very foundation of this great Christian Nation.  The Democrat Party voted at their convention to remove God and Jerusalem from their Party platform.  After the inevitable outrage from the U.S. citizens materialized, leadership at the convention forced a vote to put God back in.  But the DNC delegates protested the re-entrance of God to their Party with a loud, raucous chorus of “Boos”.

The United States balances on the brink of our own demise.  Our economy is so shaken that it can hardly take much more of the inept leadership we have seen from Liberals.  We are in great danger of rounding the point of no return.  And the first order of business for the Democrat Party is to kick God out?  The next is to insult and attack one of our closest and trusted allies, Israel?

With the true unemployment rate at 19%, the President still continues to ignore those trying to give him advice on the matters of job creation.  He has spent four years wasting the American people’s time and now has the audacity to speak to the voters asking for a second chance, hoping he might change.  He brought Bill Clinton up to ask Americans for a “do-over”.  Even Joe Biden has been channeling Bill Clinton with biker chicks in diners, all of this with a Nation in crisis.

To all of my good, God-fearing friends who are Democrats, we share the same core values that made this Nation great.  As you look at your Party and wonder what happened to have changed it so drastically, think about what you truly believe in your heart.  Think about the things you hold dear and want to pass on to your children and grandchildren, peace, prosperity, the respect of God, Country and love of family.  These are things this last Democrat convention seemed to ignore or reject.  It is a true saying that the Nation, which is no longer “under God”, will no longer be “indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

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