The Red County Caucus Endorses Ted Cruz


The members of “The Red County Caucus” announce their endorsement for the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.


In 2008, it was Piscataquis County’s singular status as the only Red County in all of New England that caused then Representative Paul Davis to begin thinking of forming an activist group that was indicative of this unique achievement. After finding three other Conservatives who shared a commonality and saw the potential of his idea, Davis forged ahead and formed “The Red County Caucus”. The RCC, as some have called the Red Caucus, is made up of those same four founding members: now Senator Paul Davis (R- Sangerville), former Senator Doug Smith (R-Dover-Foxcroft), former Representative Pete Johnson (R-Greenville), and Andy Torbett, a local Conservative activist and columnist.


In 2010, The Red County Caucus made its first impact upon the Maine political landscape with its endorsement of then candidate Paul R. LePage. The RCC endorsement is viewed by many as a pivotal moment in the 2010 primary race that helped to propel the Mayor of Waterville to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination and eventually the Governorship. To this day, those who claim to stand for conservative principles must pass the litmus test of the Red County.


It is with these principles in mind, that The Red County Caucus unanimously endorses Senator Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016. We find that Mr. Cruz is a man of strong moral fiber, a man of steadfast conviction, honest, unashamed of his God, his faith, and his family. He has proven that it these things that he treasures above all and, therefore, we stand convinced that he would tirelessly defend those selfsame treasures that we also hold so dear.


He has defended the precepts of the Constitution and our Free Republic before the Supreme Court with tenacity, prevailing against all odds. Then in the United States Senate, despite a barrage of criticism from the media and members of his own Party, he has continued to defend the God-given Constitutional rights of all Americans.


Furthermore, We, The Red County Caucus, believe firmly that the solutions for a return to greatness in our beloved Nation are not found in one man. Those solutions are found in the citizens of this great Republic whose only impediment to success is a government that restricts our freedom and does not honor our rights. We believe that Senator Ted Cruz, as the next President of the United States of America, will work to lessen the power of government and return that power where it belongs, with “We The People.”


The Honorable Paul Davis-Maine State Senator District 4

The Honorable Peter Johnson- former Maine State Representative

The Honorable Doug Smith- former Maine State Senator

Andy Torbett-The Maine Conservative Voice

Enthralled? Who’s Enthralled?


The endorsements for State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin keep rolling in making the likelihood of a Poliquin/King match up in the general election more of a realistic proposition with each passing day.  The FreedomWorksPAC, a national conservative organization, has joined the chorus of conservatives across the United States imploring the voters of Maine to send this fiscal hawk Washington D.C.  But more importantly, Poliquin has been picking up many endorsements from conservatives throughout the State.

Representative Peter Johnson, a well respected conservative from Greenville, who co-chairs the education committee, has enthusiastically endorsed the Treasurer.  He states his reasons as follows.   “I have been most impressed with Bruce as our State Treasurer.  He came to the job with a great understanding of the fiscal problems our State faces.  He has been tireless at addressing the problems of excessive cost in bonding, the unfunded pension liability and several issues with the wasteful spending of the Maine Turnpike Authority and the Maine Housing Authority.  His dedication to protecting the taxpayers of Maine and eliminating wasteful and unsustainable programs have saved our State millions of dollars and I am certain he will do the same in Washington.” The Maine Conservative Voice could not agree more.

Mr. Poliquin has also received the endorsement of several Tea Party groups throughout the State.  Perhaps Bruce Poliquin’s candidacy will have a unifying effect, after the near splintering the Party has weathered through the Convention period.  What has become increasingly clear is this, with ads running on television and radio, polls which show him the frontrunner in many cases and a ground game that is functioning at a high level, the Poliquin campaign was off and running early with plenty of traction while the others still seem to be trying to gain their footing.

Which bring us to the Treasurer’s inevitable foe this election season, Angus King.  The former Governor has written an opinion piece in the Bangor Daily in which he quotes Abraham Lincoln.  This seems to be the pattern as of late for liberal leaders. He insinuates in the piece that those of us who are clamoring for a return to small government and fiscal responsibility are somehow “enthralled” with partisanship.  He touts his title as an “independent” as proof that he is above the perceived pettiness of those who want reform.  He brags that he will choose at some appointed time, in the later to be named future, whom he will caucus with.

What the Honorable former Governor does not explain in his piece is how being an “independent” has become the method of choice for liberal politicians to circumvent the political process and expense of a primary, while jumping ahead of all the other candidates who compete in the primary, i.e. Eliot Cutler and Angus King.  Mr. King also made a sizable donation to the Democrat Party immediately after Olympia Snowe announced her retirement, effectively buying Chellie Pingree’s withdrawal from the U.S. Senate primary.  As for his being above the partisan fray, Mr. King had repeatedly made large donations to Barack Obama’s campaign, the most divisive and partisan leader this country has ever had; in fact, all of King’s donations have been to the Democrat Party and their allies.  So much for whom he is going to caucus with, he’s already started!

And now for his derision of those who fight steadfastly for a return to a constitutional government as being “enthralled”.  Governor King, you may think yourself witty by using the words o f a revered Republican against conservatives, but we are not “enthralled”, we are engaged.  We are not enthralled with partisan deadlock but we have drawn a line in the sand and said “thus far and no further”.  We are tired, Mr. King, of having leaders, such as yourself and others of the forty years of past liberal domination, exploit our love of peace and tranquility as the means to your end.  But it is more than ironic that every time a liberal leader is faced with a crisis that needs a real solution, they always start quoting conservative Republicans.