Tuesday Truth

Socialist Democrats want to take a Constitutional Republic and turn it into a Banana Republic. Hopefully the citizens will get enough of a distaste to vote against it.

-Andy Torbett


Golden’s Goose Eggs

Like the snow in Maine, the list of Golden’s Goose Eggs are piling up. Golden started his term by co-sponsoring a bill with Chellie Pingree to funnel tax dollars into his campaign. Now add bills that would eliminate private insurance and use tax dollars to fund abortions. His one attempt to represent his District by voting against gun control sent him cowering in mute repentance, after a threat and rebuke by Ocasio-Cortez.

Silence is Golden, Still


Democrats are laying the whip to the foundations of our Republic. Those who represent us are either standing aside in mute obeisance or taking their beating in silence. What can be learned from the whimpers of the cowed, distant in the still?

Representative Ocasio-Cortez has laid down the law. The gauntlet has been thrown. The new leader of the Democrats has taken charge.

Moderate Democrats have been given notice. Voting in any way that represents your District, but does not represent the Democrat agenda, will result in being blacklisted. How will Jared Golden, who campaigned on standing up to his Party, respond?

Jared Golden voted against the gun control bill, even making a public statement that the bill did not reflect the will of his constituents. This prompted a swift rebuke from the new leader of Green Deals. Stepping out of the new green lock-step will find you on the Ocasio-Cortez naughty list.

There is an expectation, in a Republic, that the Representative should attempt to represent. Should a Representative speak to power in defense of those in his District? Not if the Democrat Party holds its sway over Golden.

Imagine in this Republic, being placed on a blacklist for attempting to represent your constituents. Imagine that Representative already too cowed and bullied to issue a public response, a rebuke for this travesty of overreach. Imagine no more! If you listen to the reality, you will hear the still and quiet that surrounds the silence that is Golden.

By Andy Torbett