Love Life Forward

Inevitably, in the debate on gay marriage, the charge of hatred will be leveled against those who defend the heterosexual tradition of marriage. There seems to be a feeling among liberals that any institution that maintains an exclusive membership policy is somehow exhibiting animosity towards those excluded. I suspect that this “feeling” is grounded more in spin than in fact. Boys are excluded from being members of the girls softball team in every state of the Union (yes, even California). Something tells me that the girls hold no feelings of animosity toward the boys being excluded from the team.     We often hear the rigid statutes of marriage being railed against by the media and its’ leftist allies. Why, then, would liberals be so intent on the homosexual community gaining access to a tradition so “confining”, so “archaic” and so “out of touch” with modern times? It’s certainly not because they admire marriage. Hollywood has made that abundantly clear. It’s not for legal status. Civil unions have already established that (and they’re so hip, cool and modern, too). So why the fixation with the heterosexual tradition of marriage? If an institution loses its’ exclusitivity, it then loses its’ societal status. It can no longer demand adherence to its’ own standards because it is no longer unique. Liberals want marriage to blend in, not stand alone. Heterosexuals provide for the greatest need a society has; regeneration. Marriage defines the parameters by which regeneration functions properly. Marriage in its’ essence is forward looking.

A young starry-eyed couple embark on a journey of love and make vows they may or may not fully comprehend. Soon, with or without warning, a child is on the horizon and this begins to accelerate the maturation from selfish love to selfless love. Every waking hour must be consumed with the future of their little ones. Sometimes driven to the brink of exhaustion, they work, pray and hope for a better future for their offspring. This is the engine that drives a nation.

Marriage by its’ very existence demands selflessness; in fact, selfishness can bring marriage to an unfortunate demise. The homosexual and hedonistic lifestyles, so prevalent among liberals, is predicated upon personal pleasure and personal gratification. You cannot function properly in a marriage and be focused on personal gain. Everything you do in marriage is focused on the future of those you’ve created.

Every society in the world has at its’ foundation the heterosexual relationship. It is the only means by which a nation can propagate its’ future. Homosexuals cannot regenerate. No matter what species of animal, you must have male and female to regenerate. Societies have established marital tradition as the governance to those who procreate. It is exclusive for that reason. Not to hate those who cannot create life, but to establish the contractual structure to define and protect those who create the future of a nation. Marriage is for the heterosexuals who love life forward.

One comment on “Love Life Forward

  1. Andy,

    You are doing a great job! Things like this site is what will save both America and Maine. Keep it up!

    Paul Davis

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