Rumors Squashed!

It has come to my attention that rumors have been circulating concerning Paul LePage’s position on gay marriage and civil unions.  As the chairman of the Red County Caucus, I was privy to this memo that was sent to us directly from Paul LePage himself:

May 13, 2010- 11:44 am

To Rep. Davis:

On the issue of “traditional marriage,” I pledge to fight with every breath to maintain the current definition of traditional marriage that being between a man and a woman.  Further, I would veto any effort that would strengthen the gay marriage agenda, whether it be in the area of civil union, civil marriage, domestic partnerships, etc., etc.  In a LePage Administration any effort to change Traditional Marriage between a man and a woman will not go anywhere but the trash can, after I veto it.

Paul R. LePage

Candidate for Governor

4 comments on “Rumors Squashed!

  1. Not sure if this post will ever see the light of day, since it contains proof positive that LePage has spoken from both sides of his neck, but I will try anyway.

  2. I am not afraid to put your comment on. It should be noted that it is old news. LePage made the same comments at the Center Theatre debates. We, The Red County Caucus, confronted him on it. We explained the dangers of his stance. LIKE A GOOD LEADER SHOULD, he saw the folly of his course and changed it. IF WE SPLIT THE CONSERVATIVE VOTE, Steve Abbott WILL WIN THE NOMINATION. He is not conservative. He is pro-abortion, pro-civil unions and pro-big government. He is the disciple of Susan Collins. WE HAVE TO UNIFY!

  3. It looks like LePage is gonna win it! I am pleasantly surprised! I was hearing so much about Abbott that I really thought he was going to win, but I guess the conservative movement is too strong now. ; )

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