John Martin’s pick-up

A few weeks ago, Representative Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan “wrote” an article published in this paper trying to affix blame for certain healthcare cost increases on the Governor’s reform legislation passed in the 125th session of the legislature.  It has taken this amount of time to respond to the good legislator because The Maine Conservative Voice had to do something Mr. McCabe failed to do in his “opinion” piece: research.  It seems the “Honorable” Jeff McCabe’s view of research is more of the cut and paste variety.

As this columnist perused the web in search of material to substantiate the good representative’s “claims”, a curious discovery was unearthed from the strata of Maine’s political landscape. It seems Mr. McCabe’s “assertions” are really not his assertions at all.  One can follow the puppet strings attached to young Mr. McCabe all the way up to the St. John Valley and find them attached to the fingers of the wily yet not so honorable John Martin.

It seems that prior to the aforementioned article’s printing another striking similar article was printed by John Martin.  The similarity could be categorized in the “word for word” column.  It is certainly evident that Jeff McCabe got the memo but failed to appropriate enough window dressing to hide the trail to the puppet master.

John Martin has never been shy about his use of deceit and subterfuge in accomplishment of his goals.  The end justifies the means and Mr. Martin has a whole pick-up truckload of deceit to work with.  This only serves to validate our belief that not only is dishonesty part of the Democrat platform but it is more likely the main support beam.  Since the young Democrat from Skowhegan seems content to merely parrot the words of his more sinister elder, it falls to honest Maine people to decipher the truth for themselves.

It only takes a nominal understanding of economics and policy to understand that the effect of legislation when implemented takes months even years to be realized in an economy.  The John Martin/Jeff McCabe article revealed its flawed argument from the beginning when it acknowledged that the Republican health insurance reform had only recently gone into effect.  So can a law only a few weeks old already have this effect on the market?

But there is a healthcare reform that has been in place for some time now and is adversely affecting healthcare all over the nation.  Yes, you guessed it.  ObamaCare.  Democrats are trying to hide the dismal track record of socialized medicine with the Republican efforts to reform it.  So, we are back to John Martin’s pick-up truck.  As has been said before, the Democrat tactic has always been, make a mess, and blame the Republicans.  When the Republicans clean up the mess, steal the credit for it.

But Martin/McCabe have also failed to reveal that only one portion of the Maine insurance reform has been implemented, the rest is still pending.  They also used a very small, targeted cross-section to obtain their “evidence”, breaking all rules of subjective study.  But they are “honorable” men.  It is part of their title.

I find it sadly ironic that these men will conjure images of abuse to the less fortunate while their Party cuts aid to LHEAP.  Governor LePage needs funds from the bloated Efficiency Maine coffers to make up the difference so the needy don’t freeze this winter.  The Democrats pledge to block this.  It’s easy to see why.   Democrats don’t want to see monies moved away from their sacred cow, green energy.

Mainers, like the rest of the nation, have watched in awe as millions and billions of dollars have been swallowed up by the swirling vortex of green energy never to be seen again.  Green Energy and John Martin’s pick-up seem to be magical portals.  Whatever gets near them disappears.

Let’s stop the slight of hand.  Let’s stop parroting mantras.  Let’s stay focused on turning Maine around from forty years of John Martin’s pick-up.

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