The Wolves


Here in this place surrounded by wealth

Why are we quiet and moving by stealth?

Its beauty surrounding

Its riches abounding

We wait

To partake

For fear

We hear

The wolves

They’re moving

They’re creeping

They’re running

They’re leaping

They flash and they scare us

They leave and they dare us

To hope and to pray

We’re free for the day

We could look up, the mountains so gleaming,

To hear the respite the waters are streaming

But fear is our breathing

And no one is leaving

We race

To outpace

The foul

The howl

The wolves

They’re flashing

They’re gashing

They’re dashing

They’re gnashing

Our wealth is their feeding

And hope is our bleeding

A man he could stand

The task is too grand?

This was our home surrounded by dreams

Their lessons have severed our own selfish schemes?

At least they have told us

Our lives they must hold us

They take

And they break

By ill

Our will

The wolves

They have us

They drive us

Beside us

Behind us

Until we stand before the yawning divide

No choice left us now but a last stand of pride

At last, here our calling?

And just at our falling

We turn

We learn

We ponder

In wonder

To see we outnumber

The wolves

Written by Andy Torbett

Dec. 10th, 2012

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