A Thanksgiving poem I wrote last week for the paper


The thanksgiving in me.


The thanksgiving in me

Looks forward to see

What blessings this season does bring


It’s more than the feast

The dough and the yeast

It’s freedoms we hale, we sing


We gaze misty eyed

At heroes who’ve died

To insure that we celebrate free


A child’s pleading eye

For a big piece of pie

In part is thanksgiving in me


To view nature’s charm

With my wife on my arm

Indeed, this is heaven on earth


The trees shed their leaves

Children play as they please

Oh, how I treasure their birth


This dinner of cheer

Heralds winter is near

Soon Dad, cut our big Christmas tree


Mom’s final say

Picks the tree that will stay

I love this thanksgiving in me


The land soon will bow

With snow covered boughs

We’re all warm and cozy inside


This land that I love

Blessings sent from above

Is why I still live here with pride


The things dear to me

The thanksgiving in me

Is why I will never refrain


To thank God above

For my family I love

This is Thanksgiving in ME