Costas Cost Us Some Respite

Sunday is my day to relax, go to church with my family and spend the day watching football.  It is my respite from the work week and my never-ending battles in the political realm.  While watching the Sunday night football game between the Eagles and Cowboys, I was slapped out of my relaxation by an unabashed opportunist in Bob Costas, who was crass and callous enough to try to use this horrible event in Kansas City to further his own personal vendetta against gun owners on the half time show of Sunday Night Football.  His slimy and cowardly attempt to quote another writer in order to shield himself from the outrage of the majority of football fans that help to pay his exorbitant salary, is the epitome of shameless deceit.  Furthermore, to equate this heinous, shameful and sad crime is a huge insult to the hundreds of thousands of gun owners in the United States and the hundreds in the NFL, who have been in numerous arguments with those they love and never pulled a gun on them.  How sick is it to imply that those who have guns are automatically a danger to society?  As much as I love football, I will not be watching Sunday Night Football on NBC, neither will I watch its sister network ESPN. It is time for this shameless manipulation of tragedy to stop.