Stand for Marriage in ME



This past Sunday I was “chauffeuring” my wife to the various shopping locals in Bangor.  As I drove around the city, I noticed a lot of “No on 1” signs were out, but the “Yes on 1” were non-existent.  I notified those in charge of the Bangor area, expressing my frustration to their lack of vigilance.  I was appalled to learn that many “Yes on 1” signs have been placed next to “No on 1”; but, amazingly, by the next morning all the “Yes on 1” signs  had mysteriously “disappeared”.  Now, unless there is portal specifically designed to suck “Yes on 1” signs into the political correctness nether, I think we can use good old fashioned Mainer common sense to figure out what happened to those signs.

Sadly, this points to a deeper more troubling issue within the gay marriage movement.  It is about power acquired through any means including circumventing the will of the people.

No state populace has ever voted in a Gay Marriage law, not even California.  So the gay movement lobbied activist judges to overrule the people and enact laws contrary to the beliefs of the citizenry.  Here in our state, liberals have lowered themselves to stealing political signs.  Newspapers are editing out specific facts from op-eds they deem hurtful to the gay agenda.  Even the tired old accusation of “racist’ is being dredged up.  (I didn’t realize homosexuality was exclusive to a specific race.)  What does all this tell us?  Liberals are desperate.

So as we see the negative reflection of desperation, should we as concerned citizens cower in its glare?  No, fellow Mainers, we cannot afford to wallow in apathy any longer.  The political establishment is defeat able.   You may say its always been like this,; but I say, it doesn’t have to stay like this.
Let us become desperate.  Desperate to protect our families.  Desperate to rebuild our state. We can’t wait any longer.  Despite the many millions of dollars gay activists pour into this state to influence the vote, we hold the vote.  We are the final say.  Let them name call, distort and hide the truth, and , can you believe it, steal “Yes on 1” signs, we will still vote.

Don’t be ashamed to defend your children and grandchildren.  Disdain and ridicule from the media is hard to take, I know, but this issue demands citizen resolve more than any other.  This is not a popularity  contest.  This about our children’s future, our states future, our nations future.  Let us draw a line in the sand and vote.  Let  us all vote yes on 1.…we still hold the vote.

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