It’s more about Todd Palin

Yea, it really is to me.  Not that I have a man crush on the guy or anything, but he certainly seems like a man my friends and I would hang with.
Anyone who has read any of my columns at any length will soon realize that my wife and I are strong supporters of Sarah Palin.  To us, she represents a hope that somehow a dose of common sense can still be injected into Washington.  But common sense is an attribute that should also be applied liberally to our support of Sarah Palin.

So what has that to do with Todd Palin?  (When I say Todd Palin, I’m also inferring the whole family.)  Todd and Sarah Palin are faced with the Herculean task of not only maintaining their family unit in this present society (which is a monster we all face) but to answer the call of a desperate nation at the same time.  Powerful forces are pulling at this couple demanding hard choices.  We have watched them make some and have been impressed.  Unfortunately for the Palins, the hard choices will not end.  They will continue to come.

So Todd represents a litmus test for us as supporters to gauge Sarah.  Why, you ask, do we need such a test?  Sarah Palin is terrific!  She is also (brace yourself) human.  While her upbringing and faith fill me with a strong hope that she is immune to the temptation of power, I’m reminded that the path she walks is littered with the carcasses of many grounded and faithful heroes.  Like you, I am heartened to see that her speeches are few and far between so she can quickly escape back to Alaska to be with Todd and her gorgeous children…her real reality.

There are many in this arena, where Todd and Sarah do battle, that disdain their “attached at the hip” approach.  The concept of “one flesh” is repulsive to many of the elite, even those supposedly on “their side”.  The combined power of the husband and wife Palins will threaten some.  They will try to wedge them apart.  Thankfully Todd and Sarah Palin seem to be one step ahead of them by always having Todd, beaming Piper, or beautiful Willow or Bristol “attached to her hip” wherever she goes.  It’s hard to wedge people apart that are fused together.

Obviously, Sarah Palin is a beautiful powerful woman.  She now operates in a place where the beautiful and the powerful become so obsessed with those two attributes that they become hollow shells that live only for more beauty and more power.  They succumb to a vicious cycle of flattery, guile, and spousal upgrades all in search of a new rung on the power ladder.  So we are concerned that power may corrupt her, too.

The Bible describes powerful women through the portrayal of two females.  First, Abigail was a beautiful, wise woman who rose above her own negative circumstances.  She used her giftings to stop a powerful man from unjustly destroying an entire village.  Jezebel, equally powerful but treacherous, used her feminine wiles to manipulate men and nearly destroyed her country.
I think Sarah Palin has the personality of Abigail from the Bible.  I think Todd and Sarah long ago made a commitment to fidelity,  to their children, and to avoiding the “appearance of evil”.  I know that sounds Puritan, Biblical, and Victorian, but hey, it works.

With a note of caution, Sara and I continue to support the Palins.  Remember, if she fails, loses sight of Todd, and destroys her family it doesn’t change our cause.  I sound callous I know but conservatism must march on.  It is the only hope for our nation.  For those of faith, if she crumbles beneath the challenge like so many before have done, it doesn’t change God.  He is bigger than failure and can heal and restore.

The Palins are doing all the right things.  Staying close at home, using the computer as a weapon  for truth, and keeping their little ones close is their essential strength.  I’m glad to see they know how to use a computer because there are others out here, namely myself, who are having a hard time catching up.  I don’t know, but there is just something about a roomful of men standing around with cell phones  twittering…. That makes me uncomfortable…I queess I just can’t get past the lingo…ahem.
We are in a battle for this nation.  A battle of ideals…virtue against corruption.  So I fear for Todd and Sarah Palin but I believe in them.  They must not lose sight of each other.  Whatever happens, I will continue to fight for my country.  So in the words of our greatest conservative….“Trust , but verify”
When the Palins resigned from the Governorship of Alaska rumors swirled through the media concerning the supposed demise of their marriage.  I asked my wife what she thought as we watched the Governor’s resignation speech.  My wife said, “Their fine.  I watched how they looked at each other when they kissed.  Their fine.”  I’m not sure how my wife knows all this from one split second kiss but I will trust my wife’s intuition over media reports any day.

The temptation for the Palins will be great.  The political elite will put constant pressure on them to put power above family.  The danger of becoming “elite snobs” detached from reality staring down their Chuck Schumer/Charlie Gibson noses at Americans is an unfortunate real danger.  So this really where it becomes about Todd.  No one knows Sarah Palin better than him.  So it is his inner strength  and sensitivity to his wife that demands accountability…another word confusing to elites.  Elitists believe that because of their talents and abilities  they are accountable to no one.  They sneer at those who by choice honor marriage vows and develop a system of accountability within a family unit. Those who are so self absorbed refuse to acknowledge the power of a functioning family.  The Palin family is a functioning family that is able to combat the forces coming against them because of accountability, because of their faith, yes, faith, and because above all they love each other…that is true power!

Accountability is the Palins’ strength.  It is every family’s strength.  Todd Palin must utilize the years of capital that he has earned and invested in his wife to confront, strengthen, and protect her and his family.  Family works this way.  When one is weak the other picks them up.  When one is out of line the other knocks them back in line again.

The Palins are guarding their family because they understand these things perhaps better than us all.  So, as much as I respect the individual, let us all focus on the task of combating a socialist President and his lackeys rather than falling into the trap of being enamored with a person.  Let us fight beside her rather follow her.  If we have a Spartan focus upon a goal rather than a person than the potential failure of those around us will not have a devastating effect on our battle.  I have a reasonable faith in the Palins ,but remember, blind faith belongs to God.  So pray for the Palins daily along with your country.  But remember again to always “trust but verify” .