Dance of the Wraiths

The epitome of wisdom is the ability to take ones failure, learn from it, and not repeat it.  Most importantly, wisdom demands that we discover the pattern of actions and decisions that brought us to the place of failure.  It then becomes an imperative for those who seek wisdom to acknowledge that pattern as a path to failure and seek a different path that leads to success.

The crazy thing is this sounds like common sense.  For most of us, we learned this from our parents as little kids.  We did something wrong, ended up with a very warm little bottom, and said to our little selves, “Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t do that again.”  So, it stands to reason that everyone should understand that…right?

Wrong!  We forgot to figure in trustfund liberals.  These are children who have grown up never hearing the word “no.”  Every whim, every thought and every desire was validated and encouraged by doting parents who never saw the folly of placation parenting.   These children have grown into adults who are addicted to having their own way.  They won’t acknowledge error because they don’t know how.  Once they seize upon an idea they want to have it no matter what the cost.

I watch now as liberals in Washington and the media beat the drum of socialism clamoring for the dawn of a “new” America, “free” of capitalism  They call eloquently for healthcare for everyone.  Yet with all the speeches filled with passion, no one will answer the question of why socialist are coming to America.

Universal Healthcare has failed everywhere else.  It has infected and shriveled every society that has agreed to be it’s host.  Now it needs a new healthy specimen.  The United States, for all its imperfections, has had the best healthcare in the world.  So, Universal Healthcare is coming here to drain the life from it.

Children who have never been told “no” have never been challenged to excellence.  No one has placed demands on them and therefore the child is allowed to wallow in mediocrity.  We now have adults in power who prefer to be like everyone else instead of the hard work of individuality.  When you boil down all the arguments for Universal Healthcare, we end up with socialists simply wanting to be like the other socialists around the world.

I’m reminded of Jada, the villain Ice Queen in the popular children’s series The Chronicles of Narnia.  Jada came to Narnia because she completely destroyed her home world.  She was not looking for a fresh start to make amends.  She was looking for another world to consume.  Socialism and it’s ideas, like Universal Healthcare, have consumed the resources of societies the world over.  Now it needs a new strong society to consume.

Now we watch as Todd and Sarah Palin try almost single handedly stem this tide.  Watch the liberals as they circle their family in a strange, sickening dance, longing to destroy.  So shriveled and soulless, that they would even attack their little children.  Like hollowed sunken wraiths, these Washington and media elites are so addicted and sold to their ideas that they would abandon the will of the people and simple decency.  For what?!?  Just to get their way!!!

The epitome of folly is inability to take ones failure, learn from it and repeat it.

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