What Exactly is Horse Pucky?

Last week I was humbled to find that my horizons, my perspective was in desperate need of broadening.  There are moments in our lives that effect the course of our personal history.  How we handle these pivotal times can alter the path of our life’s pilgrimage forever.
So again last week, while roofing in 90 degree weather with 100% humidity, my friend, who also wishes to remain anonymous voiced his strident opinion about the relevant issues of the day.  Here I will quote him, though from behind the veil of anonymity.  He said, “I don’t know if I can stand to hear anymore of this horse pucky from Obama!”
I was taken a back.  While I claim to have at least a layman’s grasp of the English language, I confess that I was not aware of this equine term.  What was it’s origin?  Of course the inevitable societal implications must be reconciled.  Driven by my thirst to delve in the existential, I pressed my friend to expound by asking, “What exactly is horse pucky ?!”
At this point my first anonymous friend (the original) rolled his eyes and sighed, “Well we know what Andy’s next column will be about.”  So my friend has been proven to have a prophetic gift.  It should be noted here that the crew I work with have now become the Posse of the Anonymous.  With my original anonymous friend being it’s head. I can’t be in the posse because you know my name and to be anonymous you must be nameless….because that’s what ….anonymous….means….
In other news,  research ahs shown that horse pucky is the exact opposite of horse sense, both metaphorically and anatomically.  Thankfully,  someone has come to give us a living, vibrant example.
Peter “now knee deep in the till” Mills has written an op-ed on his reason for running for Governor.  Mr. Mills wants us all to believe that he has been fighting all these years against fiscal irresponsibility.  Obviously, Mr. Mills thinks we all can’t read.  He forgets that Mainers operate on a concept foreign to liberal politicians like him…common sense.  Peter Mills, you cannot cover up your voting record.  It will show, Mr. Mills, that you encourage the liberal spending spree that has imperiled Maine’s financial viability for generations to come.  That is a pungent representation of horse pucky.  At http://www.meconservativevoice.wordpress.com there is a place for politicians like Peter Mills called Horse Pucky Hall.  If you can think of others that should reside there, please visit the site and nominate them for sentencing. I promise the judgment will be quick, fair and sarcastic.

2 comments on “What Exactly is Horse Pucky?

  1. Hi. While I agree with you that all politicians are full of it, the first time I heard the expression “Horse Pucky” (Meaning horse shit) was on MASH. It was said by Col. Potter (Harry Morgan) and I instantaneously knew what he meant. Politicians must think people are all mushrooms, since they keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit.
    I have to cut my comment short, as there is a cat pestering me for attention.

  2. Have you written on “knee deep in the till”? Because, I think I know what it means but, a search of the www reveals that my understanding of it, is not espoused. At least, not in the first ten pages of search results.

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