Enter Those Pesky Americans

They said we were divided. The gleeful consensus worldwide was the United States was no longer united. So as we teetered on the brink of splintered nationalism real or imagined (I lean towards imagined), up stepped one man to bring us back to our American roots. Striding forward into his practiced messianic pose, this man realized that the sea change was not anything he could believe in. It certainly was not what he had hoped for. Those pesky Americans have the audacity to fight for their freedom. Yes, Barack Obama, you have succeeded in unifying America like no one else could.

Unfortunately for the President, the country is unifying against him not for him. As pressure mounts on the White House, its’ true colors begin to immerge. The administration has become more overt and clumsy in the application of Chicago thug politics. Much to the chagrin of all the Presidents henchmen, the rest of the nation is not so cowed by gangster politics as perhaps Illinois is.

Sporting the worst six month approval rating since World War II, President Obama has taken the shroud off his socialist agenda. Americans who could not before can definitely see the Marxism now. Both Democrats and Republicans are voicing their outrage at town hall meetings…. which is what…. Town hall meetings… are for…. I thought that was … what… they… were….?

Well, Nancy Pelosi thinks differently (in many ways). She expected the citizens to listen raptly, smile fawningly, and gaze in abject worship as they were “informed” of their new healthcare regime.

THE PEOPLE DIDN’T CAVE!! THANK GOD!! They acted like Americans. They stood up to their politicians and revolted against the Government. Patrick Henry would be so proud!

The Democratic Party’s’ response to the exercise of civil liberties was to call grandmothers, veterans, and other hard working Americans thugs, mobsters, and disruptive anarchists. The DNC reaction could be because it immediately suspects a replication of its own tactics or the party of liberals does not comprehend and utterly disdains the power of individual Americans coming together to stand against an oppressive Government. I think quite possibly both.

At any rate, the Democrats have banned all town hall meetings. Such a shame too… I was so looking forward to Rep. Michaud, Rep. Pingree, Sen. Snowe, and Sen. Collins coming back to Maine and explaining to all our mobster and gangster senior citizens how ObamaCare was going to cut their benefits. Now that’s entertainment!…. And so bi-partisan, too!

What Barack Obama has come to painfully realize is that, outside of Chicago, Americans disdain oppression. Americans despise hypocrisy. An administration that has occupied itself with the propagation of socialist lies now finds itself face to face with a nation that is shouting “Don’t tread on me!”.