A Friend from Atkinson

Recently I attended a funeral for a friend, Carleton Buck. As I listened to everyone speak in honor of him, I was amazed at how consistent the man had been in his life. One long time friend read an excerpt from his high school yearbook. His friends in high school described him the same way he was remembered at 89 years old. Consistency with honor, something slowly fading from our nation, was the hallmark of Carleton Buck.

A chuckled passed through the room, as a story was told of Carleton finding a dime on the floor at the Dover post office lobby. He wandered around for minutes looking for the owner. When non could be found, he placed it on the ledge near the mailboxes in hopes the owner would return to claim it. Carleton wouldn’t take it because it wasn’t his and he didn’t earn it. What volumes that man could teach our leaders in Washington and Augusta.

Finally, one of Mr. Buck’s sons retold a favorite joke of Carleton’s;

What piece of machinery will John Deere not stand behind? Their manure spreaders.

(There’s probably a lot of politicians John Deere won’t stand behind either.) This joke brought those in attendance to tears with laughter. Just the way Carleton would like it.

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