Set Maine Free (The State of a Poor State)

Poverty has many faces; none of which are very pretty. It is certainly not “comfortable” as Governor Baldacci implies. Forty years of Democratic power in Augusta has coincided with an ever deepening economic downturn for our great State. Every year young families, who still doggedly live in Maine, weather another financially devastating winter. They toil feverishly through the short summer months in an effort to recover from the winter’s fiscal debilitation just in time to face a recurrence of its doom again. As leaf peepers crowd Maine’s roads in search of postcard like pictures of foliage, the vibrant deciduous colors only herald the coming yearly calamity to many a Maine resident’s family budget.

It is the sickening Maine cycle. Winter approaches again. The few affluent left in Maine batten down the hatches to the proverbial money tree and Maine’s young working future is left out in the cold shivering to survive. Governor Baldacci calls this our “comfortable past.” Excuse me, as I gag wretchedly with disgust.

The most glaring example of poverty was exemplified in the “State of the State” speech last week. In our Governor, we see the abject poverty of leadership.

For forty years the Democratic party has offered Maine nothing but weakness and lack of purpose with a complete disregard for the citizens of this State. Couple this with a stupefying arrogance that blinds these liberals to blatant dire consequences of the socialist policies they espouse. So we, the citizens, are stuck shielding ourselves from the cold winds of a perpetual fiscal winter. The Democrats are “comfortable” with this. We the people should not be.

Arthur Laffer in his “Rich States, Poor States” Economic Competiveness Index ranks Maine 47th of 50. Maine was listed as one of 10 “tax hells” by Money magazine. Mr. Laffer notes that socialism must necessarily have a “Berlin wall” to maintain enough citizens to support it. Maine does not have such a wall. Mainers have been voting their opinion of Maine’s tax policies in the form of a mass exodus of the State. A Party that once touted itself as the party of the worker is having a hard time explaining why workers are fleeing the effects of Democratic legislation in droves throughout the Northeast. It seems that only “trust fund” elites are “comfortable” with tax and spend Democrats.

The Governor “addressed” the need to utilize our natural resources to create jobs; in fact, he acknowledged a need for “burning urgency.” Mr. Baldacci warned that “we can not wait; too much is in the balance.” Then, with a straight face, he tells us that these new wind power initiatives will be online in 2020 and others in 2030. So much for “burning urgency.” We are assured that “in the birth of a new technology, it’s just a blink.” Governor, bill collectors don’t operate on “new technology” time. They won’t wait until 2030.

What, pray tell, was missing from the Baldacci Blarney on natural resources? Oh yes, natural gas in the Gulf of Maine. He wants us to wait until 2030 for new technology, with its effectiveness still in question (but its just a blink), while the Governor conveniently omits the one natural resource we know is there; natural gas. No, not the Governor’s speech. The natural resource out in the Gulf of Maine waiting for us to tap into and create jobs, revenue, stability…..Oh, OK…. Lets just wait for 2030.…..altogether now….Let’s blink.

Ah, and of course, he talked about education. He failed to mention that we spend per student in the top one-third of the country while we perform in the bottom one-third of the country. Oh great! The Governor’s answer?! Let’s spend more money!! How is that for fiscal sanity? Forthwith, the terms Democrat and sanity should not be used in the same sentence with the expectation of compatibility.

Sarcasm aside, fellow Mainers, we must acknowledge that our State has been under the binding rule of Democrats for forty years and have been left with nothing but the shackles of malaise and mediocrity. The only answer to this is for the citizens to arise, unify, and revolt by voting conservative Republicans into power into 2010.

I do stand in agreement with the Governor on these points. We as the citizenry need to “come together to say enough, to put our foot down, and put an end to the circumstances that have held our people and our economy hostage.” Furthermore, Governor, I can agree that “I am not sullen or deterred by the road ahead” for as I look at the road ahead I see a large exit sign with your name on it and, hopefully, your Party. Then the Conservatives can move ahead unfettered by your liberal misguidance and, once again, bring Maine back to financial stability.

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