The Red County Caucus

This is a story about promises that never create change, change that never happens, and what happens when a promise never changes.

There once was a party that stood by its principles and never wavered. They called for smaller Government, voted for smaller Government, and were proud of smaller Government. The people gave them their vote and their trust.

For a while this party fought against the waste of Government and the heavy tax burden on the citizens it represented. The engine of prosperity began to run smoothly in the nation. The hope of progress began to beat Red across the country. Americans were proud again of the prowess of its people. Unfettered by Government, the American citizens knew there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish.

Unfortunately, Fat Cat politicians began to maneuver within the Republican party. Soon the stench of corruption was pungent enough to expose the carcasses of greed that lay rotting within the Grand Old Party. The people were repulsed. They had been betrayed. Americans would not tolerate hypocrisy in a Party that touted itself as a true champion of truth.

So in 2006, the Republicans suffered significant defeats and lost power in the House and Senate. In 2008, the Presidency was lost to the Democrats. The nation was feeling Blue. The citizens betrayed by the Party of truth and responsibility turned to the Party of deceit and half truths.

The Democratic Party has never claimed to be moral or have ethics. It’s never even tried. They’ve winked to tell us that their ties to corrupt unions and fishy election results were just an “amazing” coincidence. We all knew the Democrats many “initiatives” for the less fortunate would “unfortunately” never reach the “less” but certainly fatten the trust funds of many elite Democrats. But at least, Americans thought, you knew what you were getting with the Democrats. A Party built on corruption, lies, and seedy agendas. Maybe with that knowledge, we could contain the stupidity.

While Democrats promised that all of its policies were “for the children”, the future for our children grew bleaker and bleaker. That was to be expected, Democrats have never hid the fact that their power is derived by those enslaved in poverty. So they continue to enact legislation to keep the citizens impoverished and add more to their ranks.

Americans are now burdened with despair. The weight of an increased debt, the monumental size of Government, and the ever growing shadow of poverty is slowly grinding the gears of American opportunity to a halt. The nation is feeling Blue.

A year and half ago all across the birthplace of Freedom, the counties of New England were feeling Blue; except for, one county in Maine. One county in sea of pale Blue still had a heart that beat vibrant Red as it stood for truth and Conservatism. That county was Piscataquis county.

When the Republican party started crumbling with compromise, our county stood true to its conservative principles. When the rest of New England and the Country was caught up in Obama hysteria, we stood true to common sense and never wavered from Conservatism. You see, the Piscataquis Republican Party has never turned its back on a promise to the people. We’ve never had to change because we know the truth. Conservatism works!

This year a small caucus committee has been developed as an offshoot of the Piscataquis County Committee. It is the brainchild of Rep. Paul Davis and aptly named the Red County Caucus. Between now and the Republican Convention in Portland, the Committee will be interviewing and researching the Gubernatorial candidates. We will hold a debate at the Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft on May 1st, sponsored by the County Republican Women.

After enough information has been gathered, the Red County Caucus Committee will present its recommendation to Piscataquis county. The County delegates will vote at the Convention. Ultimately from the platform of the State Republican Convention, the Red County Caucus will endorse a candidate for Governor.

Pure symbolism, you say? I agree! There has never been a better time for a pure symbol in our State than now. Piscataquis county has been a lighthouse for truth amidst a storm of socialist Blue in this State. It is time for the State and Nation to acknowledge that Conservatism works!

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