Matt Jacobson was provided an opportunity to address “The Red County Caucus”.  He was invited to come.  Mr. Jacobson chose not to appear; but, rather, sent a representative to speak to the caucus.  Mr. Jacobson wants to portray himself as a Conservative, and it may well be that he is, but to snub the most conservative voting block in the State of Maine is certainly not a way to buff one’s conservative credentials.

So while Matt Jacobson’s body double spoke about what Matt Jacobson would say if Matt Jacobson were actually here to say it, “The Red County Caucus” was left wondering if this was a real representation or a figment of our imagination.  I have to say, on a personal note, that the arrogant tone that Mr. Jacobson’s alter ego took at the caucus left me feeling a little insulted.  Furthermore, the mocking grin and disdainful shaking of the head at Mayor Lepage’s presentation was in poor taste and, quite frankly, juvenile.  I hope if Matt Jacobson can find the time to make it to the Center Theater Debate on May 1st that his behavior is more in keeping with professionalism than the hologram he sent to “The Red County Caucus”.

Mr. Jacobson has honorably served this Country and State as an Air Force pilot.  As the son of a veteran who served in Vietnam with the Air Force, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Matt Jacobson’s service.  My father also pastored a church in Presque Isle that many airmen from Loring AFB attended.  The time I spent on the base in Limestone with good Air Force friends only deepened my belief that our military personnel are the greatest on the face of the earth.

Does military service qualify you for Governor?  Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt, but for me, it all boils down to Conservatism.  All of these candidates are trying to sell their conservatism to the public.  Why?  Simply put, the public has seen liberalism at work in Augusta for 35 years and a liberal President for a year and a half.  They are not impressed.  So now, all the candidates are “going Conservative”, but we must examine them closely.

Unfortunately, Mr. Jacobson is another that has very little record to go on.  He seems to be a fiscal Conservative, but is not a social Conservative.  He has worked to negotiate and attract business into the State of Maine.  Mr. Jacobson seems to think his negotiating ability will help him attract business to Maine as Governor.  He should be reminded that we now have a President who also thought he could sweet talk problems away.  How well is that working out?  Only tax cuts and deregulation will attract business and jobs to Maine.  It is that simple.

Finally, a columnist in the Piscataquis Times made it very clear two weeks ago that, if a Conservative is a public figure, their children are free targets to attack and feast upon.  Mr. Jacobson has a beautiful young family and should be aware of this view from the left.  Obviously, Liberals feel children should only be protected if the parents of the children adhere to a liberal point of view.  It is a shameful thing to read that there are those who would advocate the public humiliation and mockery of a fellow human being’s child as an acceptable expression of disdain for that child’s parent.  What have we become?  I completely disagree with everything President Obama stands for, but could not even fathom thinking a malicious thought against his two beautiful girls. They are not even in the picture.  That’s the way it should be.

Thankfully for Liberals, they don’t have to worry about Conservatives attacking their children.  We just won’t.  It violates our principles.  Liberals, on the other hand, have no scruples because the end justifies the means.  Let’s be very clear.  We have never as a nation found the brutalization of a public figure’s children an acceptable practice.  The idea that a columnist in the Piscataquis Times would find that practice acceptable is heinous and reprehensible.

I am not sure that Matt Jacobson is experienced or qualified enough to be Governor; that said, one thing has become very clear in the past few weeks, Mr. Jacobson and his wife need to think long and hard about the “new” view of a Conservative’s children.  To some, it seems, if a child is born to Conservative, their wellbeing is expendable.  It’s hard to stomach that, even in politics.

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