Pelosi’s Puppy

Amidst pomp and circumstance, Barack Obama emerges to sign a monumental trampling of the Constitution.  Beside him are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid smugly preening their arrogance.   What we, the American public, did not see is the multiplicity of leashes streaming from behind the House Speaker to the large pack of lap dogs in tow.

One such cringing canine was our very own, Mike Michaud.  It’s interesting to note that Mr. Michaud has campaigned in Maine as a man of the people; but, with a majority of Mainers against the health care bill, he still voted for it.  The backlash against the Representative has been enormous and loud, but the Congressman has been too busy licking Pelosi’s hand to hear the furor of his constituents.

Mainers sent Mike Michaud to Congress because they felt he would be an independent voice.  They felt he would represent the majority; instead, he has represented special interests.  His voting record has shown that he has voted over 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi.  That is hardly independent.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that cap and trade, which has failed miserably in Europe, will be a devastation to our economy.  But Mike Michaud sat gazing adoringly at Nancy Pelosi and voted to pass the “business killer.”

Every time Nancy Pelosi has needed to pass a spending hike, she simply has to scratch Mike Michaud’s back; he wags his tail, and votes to her bidding.  Such spine!  Such strength of character!  Are you as proud as I am to have such a stalwart representation of the independent spirit so prevalent in the state of Maine? (Yes, that gagging sound is me.)

It’s time to bring Pelosi’s puppy back home to his kennel to stay.  From all the mess he’s been making in Washington, he could definitely use a rework on his House training.  Fellow Conservatives, let’s replace Pelosi’s “wittle” puppy with a strong Conservative.  That Conservative is Jason Levesque.  Jason is a conservative big dog and Michaud should stay on the porch.

The Maine Conservative Voice fully and enthusiastically endorses Mr. Levesque for Congress.  This columnist has had the pleasure on several occasions to hear this man speak.  It is no wonder that Mike Michaud has avoided any debate with Mr. Levesque.  If Pelosi’s puppy had to face a Conservative’s growl he might just “piddle” on the floor right there in front of everybody.

Like the rest of Maine’s residents, Jason Levesque has challenged Mike Michaud to face him on the issues.  Instead, Mr. Michaud has chosen to run whimpering with his tail between his legs to hide behind his master Pelosi’s skirts.  We cannot allow this kind of cowardice to be a representation of this great state any longer, certainly not the second district and certainly not the Red County.

Jason Levesque carved his business out of nothing to a viable employer here in the state of Maine.  That in it’s self is an impressive accomplishment.  He has done this while raising three children with his wife, Tracy, in the city of Auburn.

Jason also served in the Army first infantry division, where he earned an expert infantry designation.  He was promoted to infantry team leader.  After his tour, he served six years in the Army reserves.  He also served at Fort Leonard Woods as a drill sergeant.  Maybe…just maybe, he could House train Pelosi’s puppy, but I’m not sure we have that much time.

Anyone who comes in contact with Jason Levesque cannot help but be impressed with his demeanor and intensity.  Which may be one of the reasons Michaud is avoiding him.  We need someone in Washington to make a stand for common sense.  Now you tell me, fellow conservatives, who would you trust?  A puppy or a former Army drill sergeant?

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