The independent nature of Maine residents has been well documented.  Pundits from all political persuasions have lamented the fact that it is so difficult to predict the way Maine people will vote.  Maine residents are very proud to be called an enigma; in fact, Mainers work very hard to perpetuate that image.  Unfortunately, in recent years that fierce individuality, so long Maine’s strength, has been exploited by the Democratic Party until it has become the ironic bane of Maine’s slow painful demise.

Mainers vote their conscience.  Mainers resent being confined to a party.  In the past, this was a badge of honor proudly displayed in the face of any political pollster.

I, too, was raised to believe that you voted the issues, not necessarily your party.  My friends, sadly, that has changed.  I realized this four years ago after my last vote for Mike Michaud.  I voted for him because I thought he was the most conservative candidate.  While he campaigned as a Conservative Democrat, I think we can all now agree that he has no Conservative spine.  I’m ashamed to say that, unwittingly; my vote for Mike Michaud was a vote for Nancy Pelosi.

So there in lies the problem.  We must come to the realization that there is no such thing as a Conservative Democrat.  A vote for a Democrat at any level is a vote for a liberal agenda that is destroying our State and destroying our Nation.

For years the Democrats have used our children as the bargaining chip to pass many of their unfunded mandates.  The result has been a mass exodus of our youth, who have realized that, the bill for the mountain of  “for the children” legislation will fall to them.  They are leaving for Conservative states that offer a crazy combination called higher wages and lower costs of living to forge a new life for themselves.  As the youth of our state leave, they are being replaced by entitlement seekers who are addicted to the “Turkish delight” freebies the Democrats offer.  Your vote for a Democrat is vote for the long coordinated attack on the independent strength of our state.

It should be increasingly clear to all of us that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for their leadership.  Those who control what the party does.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for those who have a repulsive unmitigated gall to equate tea party goers with the demented Timothy McVeigh.

To my Conservative Democrat friends, when I criticize the Democratic Party I am criticizing the Democratic leadership not it’s voting constituents.  I challenge my Democratic friends to evaluate their vote.  Are you sure you want to have your vote support a party that has piled a mountain of debt on the backs of your children?

The day has come when these stark questions must be addressed.  Are you willing to vote for a party, which has become filthy rich off the many environmental regulations it has imposed on this state?  Your vote for a Democrat is a vote for a party that envisions the North central part of the state of Maine as a complete wilderness devoid a human footprint.  They support the United Nation’s plan to annex all private property into public lands.  Do you really want to support that left wing agenda?

The sad reality is a vote for a Democrat is a vote for socialism.  There are no Democrats in the Party that have the strength to right the ship as it careens off to the left.  This is not the Democratic Party that your grandfather voted for.

As this voting cycle begins to heat up, remember whom you are actually voting for when you vote.  The Republican Party is far from perfect.  There are two Senators from this state I have to hold my nose to vote for, but I have learned my lesson.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for party that has lost all moral grounding.  I will never again empower them with my vote.  A vote for Republican, no matter how flawed, is a vote for a party that still holds to Conservative principals.  This State, this Nation, needs to return to Conservatism.  Let’s keep the big picture in mind when we vote.

4 comments on “WHY I VOTE REPUBLICAN

  1. A vote for Republicans is a vote for corporate rule, irresponsible tax cuts, reckless foreign policy, deregulation that destroyed our economy, incompetence, corruption, cronyism, and non-stop campaigning.

    There’s nothing “conservative” about Republicans. They’re as radical as you can get and the only thing they have is fear tactics such as cries of “socialism” and “communism.” Now they’re trying to blame the oil catastrophe on Obama. How can you vote for someone like that and claim you care about our country.

  2. A vote for a Republican is a vote for corporate rule? Here in Maine, we fondly remember a time when we actually had large businesses here. Believe it or not, we actually promoted businesses. I think there may have been a time were we actually liked business. For all you Democrats who are cringing with agony at that thought, prepare for an even darker horror….. hang on…. during that time there’s a rumor that Maine people had jobs. That was over 35 years ago before the Democrats took power in Maine. Come on, Mr. Hoffman! Common sense will tell you that a Government that encourages industry will have a vibrant economy. Many of the policies the Obama administration seeks are already in place in Maine and they have decimated this State. Your pie in the sky liberalism may work in States that have yet to know better but here in Maine we are living the Democrat nightmare. We know the truth.

    Irresponsible tax cuts? Reagan administration!!! Prosperity!! Hard to argue with history. Oh I forgot… you guys just rewrite it.

    Deregulation that destroyed….?! What the….?! You just got back from a Stargate mission, didn’t you? I’m a little envious. I’ve always wanted to go. But let’s catch you back up on earth news. It was the Clinton administration’s deregulation of the housing market the caused the housing crash. It was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd that blocked George W. Bush from regulating Fanny Mae. Wow, what a coincidence those guys are Democrats. Oops, did I just bring up facts? My bad.

    Incompetence? See the above intellectual discourse.

    Corruption? Can anyone say CHICAGO!!!!! It is more apparent in the Republican Party because we confront it and eliminate it. In the Democratic Party, you get an “atta boy” and a position on an Oversight committee. Everybody knows that corruption is part of the Democratic Party Platform. It’s the biggest plank.

    Cronyism? Okay…. this is just a small representation of a much larger list: Rahm Emmanuael, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean…. Ben, I think you’re digging a hole. Perhaps you were tired and didn’t realize you were reading from the Democratic playbook.

    Non-stop campaigning? Are you sure you want to go there, Mr. Hoffman? Have you seen our President? He has spent the least amount of time in the White House of any President. He’s always in campaign mode.

    I appreciate you commenting on my website, Mr. Hoffman. It was one of your own liberal friends who accused me of being a cobra in the grass just waiting to strike at liberals. So be warned, if you want to dance with the cobra you better be ready for the strike. Please call again. It was fun!
    Andy Torbett

  3. Andy, you’re just repeating right-wing talking p0ints. Just try to find a reputable source that backs up your “facts.” Just for the hell of it, try it. You won’t be successful.

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