At Last, An Endorsement

“The Red County Caucus” has made its endorsement for Governor.  It will be formally announced on Friday May 21, 2010.  It has been hinted at in this column that this columnist has had some involvement with the Caucus.  This is true.  I was selected by the members to be its chairman.  Here is some background on the Red County Caucus.

Some months ago, the night of the marriage referendum, in fact, my Representative, Paul Davis, shared a vision he had with me to form an activist group that would represent Conservatism in Piscataquis County.  It was Mr. Davis’ hope to capitalize on the singular distinction that Piscataquis County had acquired by being the only county in New England to vote Republican in the 2008 election cycle period.  He entitled his concept, “The Red County Caucus”.

Needless to say, I saw great potential in Paul’s idea and was immediately captivated by it.  I would suspect that, at times, I reminded Paul and Patty Davis of an annoying child who gets fixated on an idea and just won’t shut up about it.  Soon Sen. Doug Smith was roped into the fracas and the ball started rolling.  After some discussion, it was agreed that we should not proceed much further with out informing the Piscataquis County Republican Committee of our intentions.

If memory serves correctly, it was Patty Davis who brought the idea to the floor.  There was considerable apprehension from the County Committee.  Many were very uncomfortable with any endorsement looking as if it came from the County Committee itself.  After much deliberation and debate, they agreed that the Red County Caucus should be separate and detached from the County Committee.  Any endorsement from the Red Caucus was not necessarily reflective of any views of the Committee members.  This agreed, some Republican Committee members state emphatically that this decision would, “Be on your heads.”

So, on our heads it was placed.  Paul Davis, Doug Smith, myself, and since we felt a little lonely, we dragged Pete Johnson into the mix.  Through several meetings we developed a questionnaire to send to each candidate.  After these were sent, we began to watch for signs that any candidate was gaining traction.  It was our hope that a Conservative candidate would begin to emerge that we could endorse.

Soon the time for the Center Theatre Debate arrived.  As usual, the Central Maine Republican Women did a fantastic job and the Debate was well attended.  Still, there was no clear-cut victor between our Conservatives.  We had hoped to be able to endorse a candidate at the Republican Convention.  We backed off that first, because we still weren’t sure whom to endorse.  Second, because we did not want it to look like a State Republican endorsement and embarrass the State Chairman.

After the Convention, it seemed increasingly clear who the front-runner was.  The polls on the Maine Conservative Voice showed emphatically that Piscataquis County had made its choice.  It was now incumbent upon the Red County Caucus committee members to make an endorsement that was reflective of our county.  The Piscataquis County poll showed one candidate held a commanding 73% of votes cast.  Early statewide polling showed a similar margin of dominance.

The Red County Caucus has voted to make its endorsement.  This will be revealed Friday, May 21.  It is important at this time that all Conservatives unify behind this candidate.  The Red County Caucus endorses Paul LePage.  With our support, we can help him be the catalyst to a Conservative revolution in our state.  We must unify and stay unified.  If we do this, we will have victory in 2010 and Set Maine Free!

3 comments on “At Last, An Endorsement

  1. This year we have been blessed in this state with a very talented pool of candidates from the GOP. This year there is an almost universal desire across the country to kick out the rascals that got us into this mess. Being an insider or having significant legislative experience is no advantage this year. We are not looking for someone with experience compromising with the politicians that have placed this state in the mess it is in. We are looking for someone with a firm set of principles and the ability stand up to the special interests that want to tax and spend us into oblivion. I wholeheartedly agree with Red County’s endorsement of Paul LePage. He has the executive experience as Mayor of Waterville and in business that is so badly needed in Augusta. He also is not part of the inside crowd that has been growing government, increasing our taxes and reducing our freedoms.

  2. It seems ironic, or contradictory, that you began the RCC, “Some months ago, the night of the **marriage referendum** “, BUT are endorsing Paul LePage rather than Bill Beardsley? I recently saw the video of the WLOB debate question where Paul LePage, along with all candidates except Beardsley, said he would sign a civil unions bill which was defined by the moderator as providing all the rights of marriage but with a different name. Beardsley plainly said he would veto a civil unions bill. Case closed for me, Bill is the best choice for pro-marriage conservatives.

  3. Unfortunately, Mr. Simpson, it is not case closed. The question of civil unions was of upmost importance to the RCC as we weighed our decision. We confronted Mayor LePage with this and received a strongly worded email which is as follows:

    On the issue of “traditional marriage”, I pledge to fight with every breath to maintain the current definition of traditional marriage that being between a man and a woman. Further, I would veto any effort that would strengthen the gay marriage agenda, whether it be in the area of civil union, civil marriage, domestic partnerships, etc., etc. In a LePage Administration any effort to change Traditional Marriage between a man and a woman will not go anywhere but the trash can, after I veto it.

    Paul R. LePage
    Candidate for Governor

    Now, we can begin to bicker and fight effectively splitting and marginalizing the conservative vote, much to the glee of liberals such as Steve Abbott, or we can unify and put the Conservative with the best chance to win in the Blaine house. The RCC loves and respects Bill Beardsley emphatically. We felt that, given his overwhelming grassroots support in our county, Paul LePage has the best chance to win the Governorship of Maine.

    Andy Torbett

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