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As promised, we will delve a little deeper into the viral hatred the Democratic Party has for small independent businesses a little later in this column.  Evidence seems to point towards the trigger for the animosity as being the word independent.  As you know, the Democrats derive their power from those who are dependent upon government, rather than those who are independent of it; but for the next few paragraphs, let’s finish the third wave of taxation from the Supreme leader of the Democratic Party.

Yes, taxes will be raised on all businesses, but the attack will be more coordinated and pointed to the effect and detriment of small businesses.  Small independent businesses can usually expense up to $250,000 for equipment purchases.  This will be crushed to $25,000.  The rest must be slowly deducted or “depreciated”.  Large businesses must “depreciate” all of their equipment purchases, rather then the 50% they enjoyed in the past.  There are scores of more taxes that the President will use to bludgeon small businesses in 2011, such as, the loss of the “Research and Experimentation Tax Credit.”  So much for encouraging new ideas.  This loss of tax relief combined with the high marginal tax hikes will cost us even more jobs.  This in the light of the new job loss numbers set at another 100,000.  So, what are a few 100,000 jobs between Democrats?

The Education jobs will be attacked also.  Deductions for tuition and fees will no longer be available.  Teachers in 2011 will not be able to deduct classroom expenses.  Coverdell Education Savings Accounts will be cut.  The student loan interest deduction will be disallowed.  Finally, the crown jewel of all Democratic Taxation Pursuits, charitable contributions will not be allowed.  Yes, those with IRA’s will not be able to make charitable donations, and it’s because… Obama cares.  My opinion of the Democratic Party continues to “depreciate” by the minute.

Now back to the Liberals fixation with the destruction of small independent business.  Remember at the beginning of the President’s administration, he put a restriction on the stimulus funds so that the monies could only go to Union Contractors and Union Businesses?  This, as you might imagine, created quite a fuss.  The White House quickly covered it up and the din slowly subsided.  We thought that perhaps this President had learned his lesson and would honor the will of the people, to leave independent contractors alone.  Has he or his Party ever listened to the will of the people?

So, quietly and insidiously, the Democrats have begun, all across the United States, to audit independent contractors.  We need to address the irreparable damage the Democrats wish to inflict upon the working men and women of this country and, more specifically, here in the Great State of Maine.  To do this, I will use the example of one Representative John Martin.

The “Honorable” John Martin represents the St. John Valley.  He resides in Eagle Lake.  Every election, strangely enough, he usually runs unopposed.  Those who do, do so at their own peril.  You see, its common knowledge in Aroostook County that the “Honorable” John Martin will crush all those who oppose him.  He does so by taking away your ability to make a living.  Yes, really.  Those who run against him, end up losing their jobs and, yes, even relatives of those candidates lose their jobs.

It’s called thug politics.  It is now the marching orders for Democratic Party straight from its Commander and Chief.  This audit of independent contractors is a prime example.  John Martin, I’m sure, is beaming with pride.  The Democratic Party has been manipulating the accounts and paperwork of independent contractors in order to attack other independent contractors.  The field operatives of the State have been pressuring contractors to turn in their fellow contractors.  How do I know this is true?  I will tell you.

I am an independent contractor.  I am a carpenter and mason.  The Democratic Party has attacked my business and manipulated my accounts in order to attack my associates.  In next week’s column, I will reveal the truth about the Democrats tactics from a first hand perspective.  I will show you the heinous plan to destroy our economy.  I will show how they are trying to force contractors to knuckle under to the Unions.  I will name names.  I will not go down without a fight.  I echo the cry of my fellow independent contractors in saying, “We’d rather die than to be Union!”

2 comments on “John Martin Politics

  1. A wrecking ball. That’s how business friendly the Socialists (i.e. Democrats) are in Augusta and D.C. They are determined to wreck anything good.

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