The banners are unfurled.  They hang limp, tattered and worn.  The message, old faded and lifeless, is held high by its vanguard in hopes to wring one last impression upon the people out of a threadbare garment.   Old and passé, but all they have left, yes; its time has come again.   In desperation, the Democrats will once again rally to the Banner of Likeability.

Ah, nostalgia sweeps over me.  We’ve all heard it before, like a bad B-movie melodrama, the constant vinyl phonograph scratching skipping reminders of how wonderful their candidate is.  The people will ask how can we vote Democrat when for forty years their Party has had control of Augusta and driven our State to bankruptcy?  The Democrats will reply that all of their Candidates are soooo nice and soooo sweet. (Cue sound of crickets)  The people are asking why would the Democrats audit Independent Contractors (I just got a call from another this weekend who is being served up to the Unions) in this present economy and put so many men and women out of work?  The Democrats will quickly say that their candidates kiss babies better than any other candidate around. (More crickets…at least its green)   The people are wondering, with a State Government so obese it cannot stand on its own, falling, and crushing the private sector, why would we want it any bigger.  The Democratic answer is…ummmm…well….our Candidates are soooo nice and soooo sweet. (Somebody just stepped on our cricket…sorry, Jiminy…we need a new cricket.)

The sarcasm is over the top, that’s true, but likeability is a political tactic of the left that needs to be addressed.  I am a General Contractor.  I work on homes.  I work with all types of personalities on job sites; some I like, some I don’t.  What matters the most to me at the end of the day when I work shoulder to shoulder with someone, is did they pull their share of the load and did they put a quality product on the market.  I write that to make a point.  I don’t have to like my candidates.  I have to trust them to vote for the people.  I have to know that the Party they endorse will not try to destroy the futures of my children.  Ask the contractors that I’m talking to how well the Democratic Party is taking care of them?  The Democratic Party is crushing these men and women.

I realize that many of our local Democratic Candidates are wonderful people and I am genuine when I write that.  One such candidate is Sue Macky Andrews.  I’ve heard nothing but respect from the Republican candidates who have run against her.  She is a tenacious women with, from what I’ve seen, a sweet personality, but, Sue Macky Andrews has a problem.  She endorses the Democratic Party.  She actively works for the betterment of the Party, a Party that has proven itself to be self-serving rather than subservient to the needs of the people.

Perhaps Ms. Andrews should separate herself from the actions of her Party.  Maybe we could find it easier to align ourselves with her if she would denounce the reckless policies of the President.  Residents in the District 27 she wants to represent should ask her if she is willing to publicly rebuke the President, the Governor of Maine, and her Democratic Party for initiating an audit of all Independent Contractors.  But even if, by some miracle, Ms. Andrews were to do all these things, would it affect President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or even Augusta?

No, it would not!  Remember, Mike Michaud promised to be a Conservative Democrat.  He promised to vote pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-Maine.  He has done nothing in Washington but be Nancy Pelosi’s puppy cowering on his designating patch of newspaper every time she wags her finger at him.  The truth of the matter is that the top powers of the Party control policy for the Party.   Your vote for a candidate of either Party gives that respective Party more power whether you like that candidate or not.

Remember that it was the Republican Party who helped the people stop the Democrats from expanding the sales tax and eliminating tax deductions.  A vote for a Republican is a vote for hardworking Maine people who want more money in their pockets and less in Augusta.   Maybe its time Augusta started working for the people rather people working for Augusta.

I get criticized a lot.  To do what I do, you have to have thick skin.  As I wade through the insults and derogatory remarks, I find, on rare, extremely rare, occasions, criticism that bears receiving.  The question has been raised, “What solutions do Republicans have?”  In the next few weeks, I will be giving solutions with the help of interviews with local Republican Candidates.  It will be enlightening and fun.  What else would you expect from The Maine Conservative Voice!

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