HEALTHCARE: Solutions, The Missing Legislation

I recently had a “conversation” with a liberal masquerading as a Republican, who more aptly should be called a Demblican.  When asked about the health care mess, this man seemed almost gleeful about the rat’s nest the Democrats have created here in Maine.  When he asked me what government programs I thought were needed to strengthen the private sector, the light went on.

It took me awhile to catch on, but I soon realized that I had been, momentarily, duped.  This man was no more conservative than I have need of maternity leave.  He was to the point of almost giddy that his beliefs had created such a quagmire that, in his estimation, there were no easy solutions.

You see, that’s the Democrat catch phrase…there are no easy solutions.  It makes great punditry for television.  They all sit around an overly polished set table, stare at each other, and sigh a great “lookatmeI’msobrilliantbecauseI’mliberal” sigh.  After they sigh that sigh, Democrats will always say there are no easy solutions.

Weeeelll, actually there are.  The problem for liberals is that they are categorized under the heading of common sense and that drives the Left absolutely bonkers!!!   The solution that a simple carpenter/mason like myself would present is this:  all those things that are not working, all those policies that are driving us to bankruptcy, and all those tired, archaic socialist European ideas that even Europe is finally discarding….DON’T DO THEM ANYMORE!!!

That is way to simple, I know, for some.  So, I have unearthed, some long lost legislation Republicans tried to pass but Democrats killed and buried.  First of all, for all the talk of Republicans being obstructionist not having any solutions, I went on and with just a quick digging with my little investigative spade I found so many attempted reform bills by Republicans blocked by Democrats that it would take weeks to cover them all.  I don’t have that much time.  We have to take out the trash November 2nd.

First is a bill proposed by Sarah “Sally” Lewin, ranking minority member on the Health and Human Services Committee, title LD 1003 “Resolve, Directing the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability to Perform a Performance Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Dirigo Health Program”.  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Why wouldn’t the office of evaluation and accounting want to do some evaluating and accounting of their programs to which they are expending lots and lots of money in?  Why not?  Please somebody in Augusta tell me why?  Please?  (cue sound of  cri…what? We are out of crickets?!  Man, the liberals are taking everything!)

Okay, meanwhile back in Atkinson, all you guys and gals who are contractors know that, after every job, we do our own cost-benefit analysis.  Yes, after every job!  Why?  Because, if we have problems with our bids, job expenditures, or labor, we don’t want to repeat them, that’s why.  This bill was gaveled dead by the Democrats before it could even be debated.  The Democrats don’t seem to care to know if there is a problem.  Maybe, they don’t want to know about it.  Perhaps it is not an issue to them because it’s not their money.  The shortfalls don’t effect them.  It is our money.  So, from a businessman’s standpoint, from a common sense standpoint, it is always a good idea to check the cost-benefit ratio and eliminate problems as you go.

There is another Representative that the Democrats just love down in Augusta.  His name is Jonathan McKane.  His bill title LD209, “An Act to Allow Maine Residents to Purchase Health Insurance from Out-Of-State Insurers” would have probably solved a lot of problems, but the Democrats, the majority, said this bill “ought not to pass” and voted it down; Roll Call no. 71, yeas 82 nays 63 absent 6.  The yeas are in agreement that it “ought not to pass” in case you are wondering.

Every time I have looked at Republican bills attempting to reform HealthCare, they have been met with the same disdain and arrogance from the left.  There is, in my estimation, not one glimmer of hope the there is a willing spirit to work towards a better Maine from the Democrats; instead, Libby Mitchell proposed a bill trying to capitalize on the H1N1 swine flu virus scare that would have required all small businesses to give paid sick leave to their employees.  There is not one small business that could sustain that kind of regulatory pressure.  Even the Democrats voted that one down….but then…they picked her to be their representation to run for Governor.  Remember, she concocted this slurry of a mess that we are in.  Do you want four more years of it??

One comment on “HEALTHCARE: Solutions, The Missing Legislation

  1. Great job Andy! Sounds like you’ve done your homework… We need more like you to help replace these rhino’s the northeast keeps sending to Washington! November elections can’t come soon enough!! Our votes will make a difference!!!

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