Many things have been written about the voters of Maine.  It has been pontificated ad nauseum that Mainers vote for or against individuals, rather than standing on the issues, with no thought of the consequences.  Some have said that the residents of Maine seem to be waiting for any little miscue to find an offense and, thereby, making themselves vulnerable to the lies and manipulations of the Democrat Party.  I disagree.  I do not concur.

I believe the electorate of Maine has turned the page on that chapter in their history.  Mainers understand that their beloved State stands at the crumbling edge on the abyssal cavern of insolvency.  These dire circumstances have been brought on by the mismanagement of Libby Mitchell and the rest of Maine’s Democrat leadership and, now, exacerbated by the unfunded programs and mandates funneled into this State by the Oval Office.  The Democrat Party in the State of Maine endorses this job killing agenda of the President’s.  It has become increasingly clear to the residents here that a focused approach to voting is of an absolute imperative come November 2nd.

The Maine voter will not be easily dissuaded, distracted or disillusioned this November, as may have been the pattern in elections past.  The Democrat’s “suppress the vote” tactic will not be able to blunt the charge of Conservatism in this voting cycle.  Mainers realize a strong leader is needed to change Maine’s course not a polished politician.  They have seen the national experiment with a leader who has been fluent with words but has taken the Nation in an alarming direction we never would have fathomed.

I am confident and expectant that my fellow residents will stand unified and turn the tide of socialism in Maine.  We know that the choices we make have staggering and far reaching implications for our children and their children.  We know the value of a focused, selfless vote, a vote that looks to the future.

For instance, if I, a Conservative, were to vote for a Representative who shared my values but decided, because I disliked an individual’s persona, to vote for a liberal for my Senator, I have effectively nullified my vote.  It would have no effective value because the liberal Senator would stand against all the efforts of my conservative Representative to bring fiscal sanity to Augusta.  Likewise, if I voted for a conservative for both my Legislators but decided, because, in his passion to see Maine return to prosperity and freedom, the conservative candidate for Governor spoke inappropriately, to vote for a liberal for Governor, I nullify the power of Legislators and grant a free license to liberals to continue to spend away the futures of my children.

There is a Biblical story taken from the times of the prophets and kings.  The king didn’t like the old prophet because he never said anything nice.  He said as much to his advisors when they urged the ruler to seek the old man’s counsel before going to war.  When the prophet arrived, the king’s distaste for the prophet’s personality was validated when the old seer mocked him, calling the battle foolhardy and prophesying the king’s death.  The monarch turned from the crusty old man and said to his allies, “See, I told you he never says anything nice.”  Miffed by the sage’s poor choice of words, the king went to battle.  Later that day, his armies routed, he lay in his chariot bleeding out his last heartbeats probably wondering why he hadn’t listened to the nasty, uncouth words of the old prophet.

Another king went to the deathbed of an old prophet begging a last word of wisdom.  The dying man commanded the king to drive an arrow into the ground in succession to indicate to what extent the king’s foes should be defeated.  The ruler drove the arrow in the ground three times.  The prophet raged at the poor young king, mocking him as weak.  The arrow should have been driven incessantly into ground until his enemies were completely dominated fumed the old seer.  The young king had not seized his opportunity.

I am not a prophet and neither are the Republican candidates, but I am thankful that the voters of Maine can see, with me, that this November is a historic moment for our State.  The rest of the State is waking up to what we in the north central part of Maine have been fighting against for 40 years.  Now, as we near victory, we cannot draw back.  We must press on.  Let us, together, grab Freedom’s sword by the hilt and say to socialism, “Thus far and no further”.  We will not abdicate freedom through neglect.  We are aware, awake and fighting.  We will not allow Liberty to fall and die for want of strengthened hands. We will not stand back idle.  Let’s Set Maine Free!



  1. I felt the groundswell of conservatism during the primary campaign,as I went door-to-door for Paul LePage. The “experts ” said Paul didn’t have a chance,but from the conversations I had with ordinary folks, oftimes older folks who had lived long enough to tell the difference between a flim-flam politician and someone with good common sense, I knew Paul LePage was being underestimated. I am so proud of the Maine voters stepping forward to say enough is enough,liberals!

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