DESPOTISM, The Maturation of a Lie

I start this column this week with a quote from one of our founding fathers. I hope we can understand the warning in his words. “How prone all human institutions have been to decay; how subject the best-formed and most wisely organized governments have been to lose their check and totally dissolve; how difficult it has been for mankind, in all ages and countries, to preserve their dearest rights and privileges, impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism”- James Monroe, 1788.
Some may find the title of this column unsettling, perhaps, even extreme. To call someone’s words lies implies a challenge and demands a reckoning. So that there is no confusion, let the author of this column state clearly that he will challenge the liberal Democrat candidates Libby Mitchell and Eliot Cutler on their falsehoods, and, with my children’s futures in the balance, I dare not fear the reckoning. The warnings of James Monroe cannot, in this present time, be ignored.
One characteristic of despotism is the total disregard of the God-given rights and freedoms of their fellow countrymen by the propagation of lies with callous disdain for the public impact and contempt for the citizen’s ability to discover them. This has been exemplified through the Democrats dynamic duo of Libby Mitchell and Eliot Cutler. When fishermen were gathering together to protest their maltreatment by the sitting Democrat President and also the Libby Mitchell led State Legislation, the Democrat’s candidates only response was to rebuke the participants for not voicing their frustrations in a proper tone. In doing so, these Liberals have revealed a troubling disposition towards governance. It seems the Senate President feels that if her subjects, my words, do not show the proper respect to her lauded offices then she will not acknowledge their suffering. Thankfully, our forefathers did not show King George the “proper respect” due his monarchy and told him where he could go. This started a war that, ultimately, gave you and I the opportunity to “disrespect” all arrogant and self-infatuated political leaders who trample our Constitution. Should we stop to think what John and Samuel Adams would have to say to our President? It wouldn’t be respectful and, I guarantee, they wouldn’t care who was offended by it. Liberty was of the utmost importance to them, not the feelings of the pretentious.
Senator Mitchell, however, seems more concerned with exploiting the anger of hard-working fishermen as an opportunity to attack Paul Lepage rather than offering these men any solutions. While preening her self-effected sense of propriety at the debate in Bangor, she lectured Paul Lepage on the proper tone to use towards the exalted office of the Presidency. This she says while she and her Party trample the Constitution. We now know that Libby Mitchell enthusiastically endorsed calling President Bush an international Terrorist. This is as extreme and disrespectful as it gets….but the lies continue….
Libby Mitchell claims that Paul Lepage’s name is on the deed of Ann Lepage’s home. The Senator says the Mayor is lying. Now we find out that the “deed” that supposedly has Mayor Lepage’s signature is actually a construction loan. Hmmmm…I’m a contractor and I’ve had my name on construction loans but I don’t own the house. The homeowners do. So Libby Mitchell is lying again, unless, she is so detached from reality that she doesn’t know the difference between a deed and a loan. On second thought, maybe this could explain the billions misplaced, mismanaged, or misappropriated under her watch. Remember, this Senate President needs someone to show her where she has overspent… oh, if just had enough time….but the lies go on….
Supposedly, Senator Mitchell has quoted Paul Lepage as saying he has no association with the Tea Party movement. That’s interesting, because the “quote” is really Mr. Lepage clarifying that he is not the leader of the Tea Party. This would be laughable if our children’s futures were not at stake. If someone asks me if I’m the foreman of a jobsite and I say no, that doesn’t mean I’m not working on the jobsite.
The sinister end of these heinous lies is the total mockery they make of the voters in Maine. Thankfully people, like the Tea Party movement, know better. Libby Mitchell cannot manipulate the Tea Party into endorsing her. If that movement were to abandon Lepage at the behest of Mitchell and Cutler, this would send a message that their convictions were more about them then the Constitution. I know that the Tea Party movement does not want to go down in history as having endorsed the very thing they stood against; despots ignoring the people and trampling the Constitution.

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