DESPOTISM: The Maturation of a Lie (part 2)

DESPOTISM: The Maturation of a Lie  (part two)


The civilization that believes the seeds of despotism does not or could not exist in their political leaders is doomed to be shackled beneath an ever growing burden of arrogant, indifferent leaders who cannot or will not respond to the will of the people as these leader’s senses are bound and consumed by the roots to the weed of despotism.  These roots bear fruit in the form of lies, which are foisted onto the citizens mocking the people’s ability to discern honesty from hypocrisy.  Many of the Democrat’s have become so accustomed to speaking falsehoods with little care for the consequences of a confrontational demand for validation, that they are genuinely shocked and offended by the publics demand for the truth.  Remember, fellow Mainers, the Senate President Libby Mitchell has admonished us to use the right tone when addressing political leaders, as if the ruling American citizen should strike a timid, cautious posture when approaching a public servant.  The Maine Conservative Voice believes the public is using exactly the right tone, loud and with authority.

The public is frustrated with the lies of the Democrat Party and with good reason.  It expects in its public servants accountability and, instead, has received pompous self-serving agendas.  Then, at election time, candidates further deepen the insult by misrepresenting their behavior.  The Democrats refuse to acknowledge their own deceit even in the face of the citizen’s angst.  Let us examine the lies.

Representative Mike Michaud claims to have been instrumental in legislation that raised weight limits on Maine Interstates.  In all the legislative documentation there is no record of Michaud having had any part in that bill’s negotiation, but, in fact, there are numerous records of Mr. Michaud’s failure to do so.  It was Senator Susan Collins who negotiated the bill.  Mike Michaud is flat out lying.  Furthermore, Pelosi’s favorite puppy has somehow propagated the lie that he is the ally of Veterans when, in fact, he voted to rescind funding for the troops while they are at war, in combat.  That bears repeating!  The man voted to de-fund the troops while they are in harms way!  This is the worst act of cowardice by Mike Michaud.  The Veterans of Maine should stand by their fellow brothers and sisters who are on the front lines and, this November, make Pelosi’s fawning lapdog pay for it.  As the son of a Vet, I have no tolerance for politicians who stick a knife in our soldiers back and then feign pious loyalty to them.  Mike Michaud is no friend to Veterans!

Another Democrat, Eliot Cutler, has told Mainers that he is independent.  Yes, right before the primary he donned the independent cloak to mislead voters, avoid a primary, and cover up the fact that he is smeared all over with Jimmy Carter.  Every left-wing environmental regulation that chokes out Maine’s economy is rooted in the Carter administration and Eliot Cutler.  Think EPA.  That’s Eliot Cutler.  He claims to have created jobs in Maine, when the truth is, he created jobs in China, the Country, by shipping businesses overseas.  If you want more enviro-regulation, then Eliot’s your guy.  If you want more setbacks and land grabs by the State, then Eliot’s your guy.  He is irrevocable left wing.  His environmental policies have trampled the Constitution.

In our local Senate race, Democrat Sue Macky Andrews has allowed a supporter to send out a robo-call telling voters that her opponent, Doug Thomas, blocked road repair in Piscataquis County.  That is a complete and utter fabrication!  The truth is that Rep. Doug Thomas along with Rep. Paul Davis, Rep. Pete Johnson, and Senator Doug Smith has lobbied passionately to bring road repair to Piscataquis.  Ms. Andrew’s solution to the healthcare crises was to demand we all eat better and those who do not should be penalized.  Ms. Andrews also suggests a “mystery shopper” sort of secret police that could inspect your refrigerator to insure food entitlements were spent properly, and, when asked how to solve our economic woes, Sue Macky Andrews’ replied that we all should develop relationships…wow…wow…that just about solves everything…who knew?!  Who needs facts, figures and ledgers when you can have relationships?  While we are at it, let us all gather together, form a circle and hummmm.  If we then lay on our backs, stare into space and streeeetch out our big toe far enough we may be able to intersect with the convergence of the equilibrium in the intergalactic braintrust.  This will solve everything!  Don’t you agree?

I do, however, agree with Ms. Andrews on one thing.  As I read and listen to every Democrat lie compounded by falsehood laid upon deceit, I have to concur that “It’s not about what you say, It’s all about what you do!”


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