“The U.S. military, already strained by wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, faces transformation from the world’s most powerful fighting machine into an organization where political correctness is more important than victory. Saturday’s Senate vote cleared the final hurdle for the repeal of President Clinton’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy designed to prevent homosexual conduct in the ranks. Battle lines will now form over how the homosexual advocacy policies will be implemented. Though the repudiated lawmakers who rammed the repeal through this weekend’s session pretend they are simply latter-day Rosa Parkses seeking to end discrimination, there is no comparison. Since 2005, a mere 1 percent of Army discharges involved homosexual conduct. This issue isn’t about retaining or recruiting qualified personnel for the military. This is part of the Left’s larger societal goal of using government to force others to embrace unorthodox personal lifestyle choices. The implications are clear from a look at how the federal government treats issues of homosexuality. … Troops can look forward to so-called pride parades on military bases and awareness days for the transgendered. Everyone knows the sort of thing that might work in Greenwich Village or a San Francisco neighborhood doesn’t go over well in a fighting force drawn largely from red state America — an area whose residents Mr. Obama once derisively referred to as the type who ‘cling to guns or religion.’ That’s why implementing the New Gay Army means forcing soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to endure ‘diversity’ training. Those who don’t like it will be told to get out, as several senior military leaders have suggested already. Chaplains in particular will face the dilemma that preaching their faith will violate the new pro-homosexual code of conduct. As a result, far more are likely to leave or be thrown out of the military as a result of Mr. Obama’s policy than were ever affected by Mr. Clinton’s. It’s hard to see how that will do anything to strengthen the nation’s defenses.” –The Washington Times


  1. Your comment about homosexuality being a lifestyle choice is not backed by any intelligent scientific truths. It is your opinion, please use intelligence when referring to facts.

  2. Thank you, Nancy for your comments. I appreciate your opinion. Actually much of the non-partisan research available today overwhelmingly shows that homosexual lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle choice. Much of the old out dated arguments for a pre-stamped biological disposition towards homosexuality were based on data and research that could never be independently verified or replicated. Since much of the research was conducted by individuals who were either homosexuals themselves or a vested interest in their cause, the objectivity of their findings has held in doubt, to put it mildly, by the scientific research community. Scientific fact must be proven by the Scientific Method, and the existence of a homosexual gene has never in any instance withstood the scrutiny of true science.

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