THE ISSATONER DIET: Just What Big Government Needs

I can recall those years that I worked for my Father in the woods logging.  I can’t say that I necessarily can reflect upon that portion of my life pilgrimage with fondness but I can remember it.  I say this because I recently, like many of my fellow contractors, have had to put together a resume in an attempt to find work.  The President, along with his local ally former Governor Baldacci, have deemed independent contractors unnecessary to a functioning economy and have decided to shut them down.

So the slow and painful process of trying to attach appropriate dates to faded memories, prying open the lids, encrusted over with the corrosion of neglect, that cover the trunks and boxes of mental history stored away in a simple man’s intellectual attic and trying to piece together the job history of a young man who was somewhat nomadic has begun.  Yeah, I know, it’s easier to say resumes are a pain in the royal caboose, but where is the entertainment value in that.

In one of those faded old memories, I found some interesting analogies. These could be applied to recent events.  One morning before heading up the trail to start cutting my first twitch, I met a new logger who had moved into the area from the New Jersey/New York area.  He was going to try his hand at logging and set up shop a few twitch yards down from us.  This guy was huge!  He looked like he could play defensive end for the New York Giants.  He had muscles bulging out of places I didn’t realize muscles could bulge.   As a teenage boy, I couldn’t help but compare his physique to my lack thereof and wondered what I, with my hobbit-like frame, was doing working in the woods.

Much to my surprise, it soon became apparent that his amazing physical profile would be his worst enemy.  He couldn’t keep his balance to pull the cable from the winch to the tree.  He couldn’t bend over far enough to notch and cut his tree low enough.  His arms were too big to get the choker around the tree.

I learned a valuable lesson.  God designed the muscular structure of our bodies to adapt to the demands you place on it.  He was built for the gym and show.  What little bit of teenage muscle I possessed had been formed by the very job duties this man could not perform.  A few months later, he was out of the work force with debilitating muscle injuries.  My father and other adult men that I worked with said he was too big, too much muscle.  Really?  Hmmmm…that sounds like our Government.

Darrell Issa has correctly described the many stimulus dollars and other funds running through our government as food that feeds a beast covered with the bulging muscles of corruption.  He wants this government to slim down, lean down and lighten up.  He wants answers to why this administration has given most of the stimulus projects to unions and other nagging questions.  Of course an upstanding crusader for truth like our President would applaud a fellow crusader like Mr. Issa and encourage…him…oh, no wait, they are lawyering up.   Wow, that sounds a lot like Chicago gangster tactics.  I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

It looks to me like Darrell Issa is just the diet the government beast needs.  He understands what many doctors would describe as a skeletal structure overstressed by muscles too large for the frame that carries them.  Yes, this is a common problem amongst bodybuilders.  When strained, the massive muscles begin to tear apart the bone structure.   This is what happened to my logger friend.  These massive muscle heads seem more equipped for standing in front of a mirror or stage to be gawked at than working a day to day job that requires everyday strength and brawn.

Our government is too massive and it’s structure strains to keep the muscles of corruption from tearing it apart.  Those in power have been convinced that their primary purpose was to be on display for the American people’s viewing pleasure, while those same American people, would prefer government worked.  In the months to come, the IssaToner Diet may be just what the Doctor ordered


4 comments on “THE ISSATONER DIET: Just What Big Government Needs

  1. I am starting to lose respect for you. This man has a rap sheet including stolen cars, weapons, and covering up crimes involving family. This is who you choose as a leader? Please look into who you are promoting or you could lose face with your followers.

  2. My initial research on this matter reveals that Mr Issa had a degenerate brother who was a car thief. Mr. Issa had a miscommunication with a friend concerning the borrowing of a car when he was in the military and was blamed with stealing it because of his brothers reputation. You have to search pretty deep into the left wing hateosphere to find this. I’m a little surprised that you would subscribe to this stuff, Nancy. If this was as legitimate as you claim, I’m sure that Pat Leahy and Dick Durbin, who have no qualms exploiting a nine year olds death, would be shouting it from the rooftops.

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