The Vernacular Vigilantes are at it again!  Armed with lists of words that can harm and incite vengeful uprisings, the VV has implemented “Operation Word Repression” aimed at targeted those incendiary linguistic bombs and neutralizing their explosive effect on the poor mindless drones called Americans.  One such offender, a repeat offender I might add, was this poor humble columnist.  How was I to know that….word…was on the list?  So now, I have been relegated and equated to the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Manson, and that’s just the cute cuddly ones.  It seems the Left is firmly convinced that my fellow citizens are nothing more than lemmings blindly following violent pathways triggered by certain metaphorical terms.  Wow, that’s…that’s really scary and I don’t want anybody doing anything bad or untoward because I wrote a word not sanctioned by the VV or OWR.  So I will try not to write…that word.

Those on the Left may want to heed a few cautionary notes before they charge headlong into a perceived tactical opportunity.  First, taking advantage of a woman who can’t speak for herself is unseemly at best.  Ms. Giffords is known for her staunch defense of the Second Amendment and other Constitutional Liberties.  Those scrambling to use her situation to silence political foes and advance agendas against gun owners may find her peevish to say the least when she regains her voice.  No one likes to be exploited.

All of those volleys fired at Conservatives may have a ricochet effect when the public starts comparing the OWR lists against the speeches, debates and bullet points used by all public officials rather than just the ones targeted by the VV.  The uncomfortable feeling of taking cover from friendly fire might be the Vernacular Vigilantes’ to enjoy as their own words came back to bite them.   The American people will lose faith in any political leader who spends more time dodging verbal landmines than speaking to and connecting with their people.  The hard working voting public will not change who they are to accommodate the pretentious.  If the Left continues to shoot themselves in the foot, they will find themselves marginalized by the very public they hope to manipulate.

At the very onset of the Tucson Tragedy, the hair trigger response of the Left to villianize the Palins made a disgusting painful situation all the more repulsive.  Now across the nation the VV has taken aim at Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and, here in Maine, even little old Andy Torment in an effort to squelch our voices.  I, for one, intend to use every literary tool at my disposal to expose the hypocrisy of the left wing bomb throwers.  I will not retire, capitulate or be silenced for fear of using certain terms deemed inappropriate by the Left or the VV.  Now see, I wrote a whole column without using the word “crosshairs”….oh…oh, I better run for cover.  As the lists of unacceptable words from the Left grows, one wonders how soon it will be before they start burning books….



  1. Andy, all I said was that you joked about a very sad and sick incident. Do you also condone the words nigger, faggot, spic, wop, mic, etc? Freedom of speech is ok as long as we aren’t purposly inciting, I wrote what I wrote to you last week to prove the point that words incite and I did well by what I read today you definitley could not let it go. My point is proven, you have been incited and, instead of writing about Christian values, goodness, and the teachings of the Lord you attacked me. And you don’t even know me. Chalk up one for the left…..whatever that is?

  2. Nancy, the words you just used are not part of normal conversation. They are specifically used to incite hatred. The words I used are for the purpose of conversation and description. I am not incited. I am doing my job and that is to create debate. I am supposed to cause people to discuss issues and search for truth. i refuse to be limited in that area. I think, also, that you think of yourself more highly than you ought to. My column is directed at all the people who have used this situation to try and manipulate, control public discourse. Thanks for reading, Nancy. You are my biggest fan. : )

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