A ship once set sail

From the Harbor of Truth

A ship once sleek and proud


Sailors stout, lithe and hale

Though some held aloof

Watched the cheering crowd


Soon they cast off

A voyage of hope

Who knew what lay ahead?


Winds freedom aloft

A song in their throats

And nary a cross word was said


Or so it seemed

But beneath the beams

Of the ships bulwarks a meeting was held


A collective was formed

‘Twas out of the norm

A sailors and officers guild


A storm soon arose

Though weather was calm

The collective demands must be met


For the sake of all those

To repair and tempers to balm

Drills they must hastily get


Sharp bits they must have

To save on hand salve

To make the repairs on the ship


The officers with a laugh

Gave the whole not the half

To ensure the crew would not split


So with shiny new drills

And newfound skills

The collective went to work about the ship


Then with dismay

Amidst the fray

Came a shout, “The ships about to tip!”


The captain now could see

The sailors should not drill

Those holes there in the hull


How now to plea

Against collective will

The captain these thoughts to mull


“Perhaps,” the captain sighed,

“Negotiate with me?

The hull is not a place to drill a hole.”


“You dare,” the collective cried,

You can’t see

To drill, my right, my soul!”


“Standing in this swill

Trade a bucket for a drill?”

The captain with them tried to reason


“We are not dull!

You are hiding more hull!

To drill, our right, our time, our season!


So the ship sank

Every rail, mast and plank

With holes drilled through and through


The collective was blind

To reason and rhyme

It wanted what it thought it was due


But sadly that day

Some had no say

The passengers died with no voice


Their ship went down

Their voices drowned

They silently died with no voice


This poem is through

The moral is true

This allegorical device


If unions negotiate

They must let participate

Those who pay the price


A ship once set sail

From the Harbor of Truth

A ship once sleek and proud

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