Adversity reveals the true nature of an individual.  Whether it is for an individual or the entity that encompasses the individual, this adage has proven consistently through time to be the litmus test that bares the true color of character.  When one’s true character is exposed in a negative light, the opportunity to change and strengthen a glaring weakness stands ready to be seized…or, you could ignore your flaws and let the moment pass you by.

The voting residents of Maine sent a clear, succinct and very loud message to the Democrats this past November.  In a representative form of government, one would expect that representative entities would endeavor to represent the will of the represented.  That sounds way too much like common sense to Democrats and common sense was voted off their Party platform decades ago.  This was done in an effort to increase fundraising capabilities.  It’s rumored that Democrats in the know were uncomfortable with the combination of the words “common” and “sense”, particularly, as “sense” sounds freakishly like “cents”.  Not wanting to be associated with anything common especially the lowest….common…. denominator in the American monetary system, a emergency committee was commissioned which immediately established a slew of redundant committees, most of which have been transferred to the American Redundancy Agency Club otherwise known as Washington D.C., all with the directive to find replacements for the words “common” and “cents”…or…err ahhh… “sense”.  After much deliberation and debate, the Democrats proudly produced their crowning achievement.  They would replace “common sense” with “slush fund”, taxpayer funded of course.

Sarcastic humor aside, when faced with a clear directive from the Maine people, the Democrats have opted for continued apathy and indifference against a change of course and abdication to the will of the people.  Rather than drain the swamp of corruption that is their taxpayer funded slush fund, the Democrats are doggedly determined to wallow in the cesspool of their own deceit and engage in the same destructive behavior which has plagued the State of Maine for forty years; that is, to deflect blame and to lie.

The latest regurgitation of the “same ol’ same ol’” from the Democrat Party is to say that Governor LePage’s budget proposal will hurt the poor and aid the rich.  Why is it that every time we create jobs we hurt the poor?   I’m poor and a job doesn’t hurt me.  Wasn’t this the same Party that passed the “Income Tax Reduction Law” that added taxes to everything from candy bars (except for those with flour….I don’t…I don’t get that either) to computer repair, took away the ability to itemize, never lowered the income tax, and did away with exemptions… for…. The…. Poor?!!  What….wait….really?  The poor?  Do you mean, Mr. Nasty Mean Conservative Columnist who hates the poor (sarcasm again) because he believes in small government (drain the slush fund swamp), that those Democrats, who are in their swimmies paddling around in a taxpayer funded slush fund pool, are pious, pompous, hypocritical windbags?  Now, would I ever say a thing like that?  That’s so unlike me, a departure from my timid persona.  But let the record show that the Democrat Party voted unanimously to pass that law along with help from a single Republican, whose vote was the final nail in the coffin of his gubernatorial hopes.

Perhaps the real reason for all the bluster and blow from the Democrats is that they can feel the level of their slush fund pool starting to decrease.  Perhaps the Democrat Party has built so much of their tainted empire on a framework of lies and deceit that it cannot function when faced with revealing the truth.  Perhaps Governor LePage and his administration are actually draining the swamp…perhaps.




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