THE NEW PARTY OF “NO” (Rule 850)

For years this columnist worked alongside his father in the woods logging.  To be honest, I hated it.  Not because of the strenuous labor, I have made my vocation construction, which is just as strenuous.  Not because of the rigors of working outdoors, I love the outdoors.  It’s because we never made any money.  Repeated equipment breakdowns seemed to constantly drain the weekly income leaving very little for a discouraged father and son logging team to divvy up.  But I found it difficult to hold a grudge against my father because he was there working shoulder to shoulder beside me sharing the forestry hardships.   He didn’t send me out alone to work in the frigid winters.  He was sweating right along with me in the midst of humid August heat beneath layers of protective clothing and sloshing knee deep in mud during the spring thaw.  It’s easier to ask people to make sacrifices when you are making the same.

For forty years the Democrats have asked Mainers to sacrifice more and more personal freedoms preaching their dogged liberal mantra that this is for the betterment of the collective good. It is no secret that this columnist is a Conservative.  I have nothing in common with liberals politically and will to my dying breath ardently decry the destructive policies of socialism and liberalism.  That said, as a resident of this great State, I would find personal sacrifice much more palatable if those who were demanding those sacrifices were active participants in the same.  Yet as the Democrats have been forced to endure a hiatus from the majority, the uncomfortable light of scrutiny has begun to unveil the unseemly shroud of duplicity that cloaks the Democrat party.

The Republicans have finally passed a health insurance reform bill through the House.  That, in itself, is a pleasant surprise as Republicans have seemed to be more concerned that the Governor not offend the pretentious than in doing the people’s business, but I digress.  This is a good bill and in this bill the Republicans have repealed Rule 850.  This rule prevented patients from seeking healthcare outside of their areas.  Ironically, the Democrats voted to exempt themselves from Rule 850.  By repealing the rule, Republicans are allowing all Mainers to have the same rights to healthcare as Government employees have, the right to choose the most affordable place to have treatment and go there.  Fifteen of the Democrats, starting with their fearless leader Emily Cain and the wily John Martin who voted to exempt themselves from this constraint, voted this past week to deny their constituents that same exemption In a blatant display of autocratic obstructionism, the Democrats have clearly stated what is good for the goose should be kept from the gander and affordable healthcare is only for the gentry and definitely not the common folk.

Rather than engaging in meaningful dialogue, the Democrats are throwing the proverbial “hissy fit” and screaming “no” without truthful reasons just temper tantrums.  When it becomes obvious that things are not going their way, they then resort to violent rhetoric; such as, Representative Cynthia Dill suggesting that she and her fellow Democrat legislators should each purchase a “. 38 special” as a more “efficient” way to deal with their “whale sized”, “stupid” and “angry radical” opponents.  I wonder what Representative Gabby Giffords and her husband would think of the comments of Ms. Dill and the Maine Democrat Party she represents.  One would think in light of the threatening nature of her comments that an investigation into her psychological stability would be warranted.  But perhaps Representative Dill and the Democrat Party she represents are exempt from standards of decent debate and discourse as well.

For forty years the Democrats have said “no” to us on jobs.  They have said “no” to us on prosperity.  They have said “no” to our children’s futures.  Well, now it is time to say, “yes” for us and lay hold of our freedom and not let it go.  This is our time.  Let’s not let the Democrat Party stand in the way of our future.

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